Girl Crush of the Week: Anna Jane Wisniewski

When you first visit our Girl Crush of the Week's blog, you may feel a sharp pang in your side. Whats that pang you ask? We'll its likely the slightest pang of jealousy. Our GC is seriously stylish, perfectly put-together and she's a sweetheart (talk about a triple threat!). Oh AND when we emailed her to ask her to prom to be our Girl Crush, we found out she's a Miami gal just like Allison and me! So who is this fabulous lady we speak of? We'd like to introduce you to the amazing Anna Jane Wisniewski.

Anna is the lady behind the lifestyle blog, See Jane. From styling the most amazing camel wrap to whipping up gourmet pizzas on the reg, Miss Anna is a Jackie of all trades. Not to mention she does all this while working at the uber-cool Trunk Club. So ya, she's kind of a big deal and therefore a natural fit to be our Girl Crush! Get to know her now...
  • Style icons? Kate Moss for her effortlessness, Olivia Palermo for her (somewhat) accessibility, various 1960s style icons (Hepburn, Deneuve) and musicians like David Bowie and Jagger (I love some androgyny!).
  • Design philosophy? Classic is eternal.
  • Favorite book of all time? The Giver and anything by Roald Dahl always come to mind (fond 3rd grade memories).
  • Best advice you ever received? Mind your posture (thanks, Mom).
  • Favorite stores? Shopbop, Zara, Barneys and I love perusing consignment shops, although I don't do it as often as I like. I also like sorting through my old closet at my parents' house (where many fashions came to die) but it's funny how I still grab for certain my mom's extra "storage" closet is fun to raid, too.
  • Dream place to live? I have a burning desire to live in London for a few years.
  • The one product your obsessed with right now? Sugar Lip Treatment. It runs out so fast but it's so good that I can't stop buying it!
  • Biggest indulgence? Delicious food. I'll eat just about anything and I love cooking AND dining out so it's fun to indulge in lengthy meals with family and friends.
  • Girl crush? Poppy Delevigne. She has that effortless cool that I see in Kate Moss.
  • Favorite song? Ooh, I have too many, but longtime favorites are "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys and "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie.
  • Prized possession? A buttery, tawny Chloe bucket bag, my engagement ring, and two thin bracelets I picked up in Bali during my honeymoon (I never take them off).
  • Current hangout? Lately, it's only been work--Trunk Club!
  • Motto? Never be afraid to laugh at yourself (trust me, I do it all the time).
  • Best place on earth? Anywhere in Italy.
  • Favorite drink? Arnold Palmer (..spiked in the summer!)

Isn't she adorbs? Get to know her more by following her blog, See Jane. and by following her on Twitter and Instagram!

Xo J&A


  1. Yes, I got that feeling in my side when I firt started following her blog because her thighs DO NOT TOUCH and it kills me!!! That has been my life dream since I was like 12. So crazy y'all went to school together, she's super cute!

  2. Alright... I guess if I have to replaced, she will do. jk...She's PERFECTION!!!!! I want everything she is wearing in my closet immediately!!!! xoxo


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