Beginner's Guide to Brows

Ever since I started watching all of those YouTube beauty tutorials, I've become obsessed with my brows. Knowing what I know now about brows, I am ashamed to admit that for years, I literally did NOTHING to my brows aside from waxing them. I had such a weak brow game.

Since watching these beauty tutorials, I have come to realize that, to have a strong brow game, one has to follow a few key steps. From what I've gathered watching Lauren, Jaclyn and Chrisspy, here is the beginner's guide to brows.


  1. Shape and Tint
    • Ever since some jerk in 6th grade called me "hair forehead" (seriously, what a lame diss), I have been waxing my brows. A few years ago, I stepped up my game by adding tinting into the mix. I was afraid at first, worrying that my brows would come out too dark. However, that has only happened once in the past 2-3 years and was resolved by me washing my face extra carefully for a few days.
    • The reason why tinting is so effective is because the dye grabs the finer baby hairs in your brows, resulting in fuller-looking brows.
    • Most beauty salons should offer this service and if not, Benefit does an amazing job as well.
  2. Fill
    • While tinting your brows is a good start, you still need to fill them in with some product.
    • Anastasia Brow Wiz seems to be the undisputed favorite among YouTube beauty vloggers. Available in 9 shades (I use the Taupe color), the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil is easy to use and so so effective. The ultra-fine brow tip mimics brow hair naturally and it's smear-proof, so it stays all day. A real dream if you ask me.
  3. Volumize and Hold
    • A brow pencil will do like 80% of the work, but I like to also add one more product just to make sure my brows are totally filled in (bc they are pretty thin naturally) and stay in place.
    • I use Benefit Gimme Brow (in Light/Medium) to thicken and hold my shape.
  4. Carve (OPTIONAL)
    • When I am getting all dolled up for a fun night out, I will take the extra time for the final step of carving out my brows. I included a tutorial in this post, but to give an overview, "carving out the brows" refers to using concealer around the brow to clean up and further define the shape. This step takes a little extra time, but boy does it make an impact. Highly recommended for when you have the time.


  1. Your make-up looks awesome in this photo! I totally neglect my brows too, because they're naturally pretty dark. But I think I would try the tint to pick up the baby hairs and make them look fuller - I'd never thought of that! Great suggestion,

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