2015 Golden Globes Style Recap

Award season style began with a bang at last night's Golden Globe Awards. All of the ladies brought their A-game for the first official awards show and did not disappoint. I wouldn't say yet that there were any clear cut trends this season, but the old favorites (sparkle and elegant) reigned supreme.

In the glitter/sparkle category, Julianne Moore, Kate Beckinsale (always one of my favorites), Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez rose to the top for me. All in very different dress styles, the ladies all exuded glamour without being too over the top. Well except for JLO, but that's par for the course there. 

The next crop of favorites were Sienna Miller (nice to see her back in the rotation), Diane Kruger, Amy Adams and Katherine Heigl. These ladies all dressed in shades of silver or blue and all of the dresses were so so pretty. Can we also discuss Katherine Heigl's waist? THAT THING IS TINY! Holy cow.

Then there were the risk takers- Naomi Watts, Kate Hudson and Emma Stone. Naomi STUNNED in her canary yellow number and that snake necklace- amazing. Kate Hudson, while I'm not super into the dress itself, made her body look even more amazing than usual. And finally, the adorable Emma Stone, who sort of could do no wrong anyways, stepped her game up with her look. Incredible.

And lastly, let's not forget Gwyneth and her surprise hot pink dress. Homegirl always brings it HOME, I mean we all remember the cape.

So those are my votes for best dressed. Who did you all love?

Xo J


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