Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stylish Stationery

After an unsuccessful Google search of "woman writing thank you notes" I decided to just share a picture of yours truly at the 
Northern California HQ of T&S (aka my coffee table). Expect more of these idiotic shots of myself now that I have my own DSLR. 
Photo Credit: Self Timer
I remember hearing once that Princess Diana was said to have written her thank you cards each evening before bed. My mother always made us write ours right away and while my younger self was annoyed at the hassle of having to do so, my older self very much appreciates the sentiment. To this day I always write handwritten thank you cards when interviewing and try my best to write them when I'm given gifts. So kind of like when you're trying to get in shape and you spend $600 at Lululemon, I feel that a set of pretty cards will turn that "try" into "always."

The need for some cute new cards to write all the necessary TYs is coupled with my need for correspondence cards given my responsibilities here at T&S. You might think all I do all day is harass you all with the daily post on Facebook. Well okay, that is a good portion of my day, but I also mail items and receive product frequently. And as my Lilly stationery pictured above is about to run out, its high time for some new stationery/correspondence cards.

Holy cow there are a ton of options out there! After doing some recon, it seems I am drawn to cards that fit into one of two camps- classic/traditional or fun. I've narrowed it down to the few I like best under each category, but I would LOVE your help in deciding! 



Crane & Co
Tickled Plum
So which one do you all like best? Let me know in the comments section! Lord knows I am in no state to decide myself (see photo at top for evidence I've gone completely mad).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Design Envy: Marina Apartment

The main event- the living room!
You know that feeling when you walk into someone's home and you say to yourself, "holy cow this place is so much cooler than mine!"? Well a few weeks ago I had that exact same feeling when I walked into my friends Sophie and Grant's new apartment. I had a serious case of design envy.

Sophie and Grant had just moved in together and already the design of their home was so well thought out. From the worn leather caramel sofa paired with the modern black and white chevron rug to the large gray console table and art filling their wide hallway, every design decision was not only carefully thought out, but really expressed who Sophie and Grant were as a couple. Please join me in a tour of both their home and their design process.
Grant Lee and Sophie Cikovsky in their uber-chic living room!
How did you two approach the design? Was there a vision? Did one of you take the lead?
It was a fairly organic process. Before Grant and I moved in together I’d lived with my best friend Sabrina for seven years. She has a great eye for design and I’m lucky to be holding on to a fair amount of her furniture while she’s at business school on the east coast. Because of this, I came to the apartment with a lot of furniture already, which helped shape the vision and cut down on our budget (also, having it reminds me of my BFF, which isn’t the worst…).
One of the pieces Sophie inherited from her BFF Sabrina.
Pinterest was super helpful when we were deciding what else to buy. I pinned what I already had (couch, dining room table, coffee table) so I could see it all together and then added other items I knew we needed (rugs, curtains, desk). Grant was definitely of the opinion that we didn’t need much, but once he saw it all priced out on the board it was a much easier sell :)
African and animal touches in the living room.
Since we’ve settled in to the place, we’ve figured out more of our joint style. Because Grant is South African, he likes anything that has an African flair. Our living room rug accomplishes this for him because it’s patterned; while for me it just seems like a trendy chevron rug. I also like (ok, love) animals and will gladly include anything animal-themed in the apartment.
Love this bar set up in their dining room. Also love how it plays off the design of the rug.
Were there any things that one of you said ABSOLUTELY NOT about? 
Grant nixed a lamp I found on OneKingsLane because he said it looked like a purse and was too girly. I also tried to sneak in some (admittedly very girly) plates which he vetoed.

What are your top 2 favorite things in the apartment? (Both answer)
Sophie: leather couch, living room rug
Grant: leather couch, bed
The amazing leather couch.
Any design tips?
Do research and understand how much things cost so you can find good deals. I knew, for example, when I saw our leather couch at a consignment store that it was a good deal because I know couches usually cost the same as a flight to Europe (sigh). Similarly, Ikea is hell on earth but can be great for items you know you’ll upgrade later in life. (The real tip there is that you should NEVER assemble Ikea furniture with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Fights will ensue and someone will say something they can’t take back.)

The well-balanced bedroom.
Also, don’t rush into any purchases. Obviously you can’t live for long without a bed or couch, but don’t buy anything just to check it off your shopping list; you’ll end up either paying too much or buying something on sale that you don’t love. I scoured Gilt home, OneKingsLane and for months for rugs and ended up getting three for under $500.

Finally, counter to the above advice, invest in nice bedding. Always.

Great couple with great style right?! Special thanks to them for opening up their home and special thanks to Christy Lottie for her photography skills!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How We Style It - Summer BBQ Style

So you all learned here that I love a good summer BBQ. And as I mentioned, a lot of the fun is in the outfit obviously. So Allison and I jumped at the chance to style our own looks for the occasion. I even made my boyfriend BBQ the night before just to set the mood. Ya I know, sucks to be him ;)

What I love most about a summer BBQ ensemble is that anything goes. You can be super casual or you can dress it up. A lot of it depends on the setting- whether it be a laid-back gathering after a day on the lake or a more organized event at your home. What we have for you in today's How We Style It are looks that work for a variety of settings and we hope to inspire you to have fun dressing up for this weekend's festivities!

Look 1: Pretty casual and relaxed. Pop of color with the blue scarf and the white shorts are a classic summer staple.

Photo Credit: Christy Lottie

Toss Designs Scarf, J. Crew Oatmeal Sweater (similar), Abercrombie Shorts (similar), 
Photo Credit: Christy Lottie

Look 2: Taking the casual look up a notch with a cool SoCal twist. The maxi skirt is awesome (and hello OLD NAVY!!)

Grandmother's Clutch (similar), Grandmother's Turquoise Necklace (similar)
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Look 3: A fun wedge and a cream shift dress elevate the look but the jean jacket keeps it from looking too stuffy.

GAP Jean Jacket (similar), Kate Spade Necklace (similar), Forever 21 Dress
Betsy Johnson Wedges (similar), LV Neverfull
Photo Credit: Christy Lottie
Photo Credit: Christy Lottie

Look 4: I am seriously obsessed with this look. Its so ladylike and feminine and SUMMERY. I'm jealous I didn't think of it!! That Allison :)
Old Navy Little Boys Button Down, Anthropologie Dress (old), Target Sandals, Rex & Penny Bracelet,  
Whitney Bracelet, Grandmother's Omega Watch, Grandmother's Clutch, ZoomZoomBunny Necklace
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
We'd love to see pics of what you all sported this weekend. Add them to our FB page wall :)

Xo J & A

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Peter Thomas Roth Giveaway Winner

Attention everyone! I just wanted you all to know that I picked a winner for the Peter Thomas Roth giveaway. That lucky person is......


Alexis, shoot us an email at with your mailing address and we'll send the goodies your way!

Xo J

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Memorial Day BBQ

The starter spread at one of last year's BBQs.
There are few things I love more than a summer BBQ. And what I love even more is throwing one. My boyfriend and I began a tradition of summer BBQs last year and I can't wait to host our first one this year. 

With Memorial Day just around the corner, I though I'd share with you my BBQ plans- from what to serve to how to set it up to what to wear. I hope it inspires you to have a BBQ of your very own. OR that the very least invite yourself to one :)

So lets start with the important stuff- what to wear!! There are so many ways to go with your ensemble. Luckily for you, I have combed the interwebs and narrowed it down to two awesome looks.

Look one was inspired (as many of my looks are) by the oh-so-chic chic Olivia Palermo. I loved the pop of color from the green shorts and the elegance of the blouse.
How I translated it:

Look two was inspired by a picture that I found on Pinterest. I just thought this look oozed effortless chic. Plus we all know Allison is obsessed with her new denim vest so I had to throw her a bone ;)
How I translated it:
Tobi Macrame Day DressAE Jean JacketGorjana Foldover BagTobi Neon Cork SandalsBauble Bar Gold Leaf PendantBauble Bar Neon ID BraceletGorjana Coral Wrap BraceletBauble Bar Braided Bracelet Trio
I will admit that I was VERY TEMPTED to do one of the outfits centered around a maxi dress, but since I just featured three looks here, I thought I'd just recycle those. Lord knows I'm obsessed enough :)

And since Allison and I can never resist the chance to dress up and strut down the streets of Newport and San Francisco, we'll be sharing our own BBQ looks this week so stay tuned!
Okay so onto the actual soiree. What to serve? In terms of cocktails, I love to offer a signature cocktail along with beer and wine. We have a full liquor cabinet if friends want to make other drinks but as a general rule, I like to streamline things. For this BBQ, I am thinking of making this Governor's Manson Summer Peach Tea Punch that I came across on Pinterest. Instead of tea though, I'd mix in Sweet Tea vodka. Hold onto your hats!

In terms of food, I like to set out snacks for guests to munch on while we wait for everyone to arrive. You don't want people to fill up on these so I like to keep it light by putting out nuts (pistachios are my favorite), fruit, and veggies and dip. My friend Lauren also makes a mean spinach-artichoke dip that I love to serve when she's kind enough to bring it :)

For the main event, there are so many choices and ways to go with it! Last year we did a build-your-own slider station which was a BIG hit. 
The build-your-own station was great for guests because they could customize their meal and great for us because we didn't have to spend the whole party in the kitchen. We did the majority of the work before guests arrived and then just had to throw the burgers and corn on the grill and bacon-stuffed jalapenos in the oven. This year, I'm looking at doing a similar thing but this time including fried green tomato sliders. I mean, how delicious do they look?!
In terms of where to set everything up, I like to have multiple locations for people to serve themselves. So a drink station, snack station and food station. I've done it where these areas are all combined before and things get bottle-necked. This holds true whether your soiree is indoors or outdoors. It also forces guests to mingle :)
Drink station at least year's Fourth of July BBQ.
So that's the skinny on my BBQ plans, but what are you all doing this weekend?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Girl Crush of the Week: Anna Jane Wisniewski

When you first visit our Girl Crush of the Week's blog, you may feel a sharp pang in your side. Whats that pang you ask? We'll its likely the slightest pang of jealousy. Our GC is seriously stylish, perfectly put-together and she's a sweetheart (talk about a triple threat!). Oh AND when we emailed her to ask her to prom to be our Girl Crush, we found out she's a Miami gal just like Allison and me! So who is this fabulous lady we speak of? We'd like to introduce you to the amazing Anna Jane Wisniewski.

Anna is the lady behind the lifestyle blog, See Jane. From styling the most amazing camel wrap to whipping up gourmet pizzas on the reg, Miss Anna is a Jackie of all trades. Not to mention she does all this while working at the uber-cool Trunk Club. So ya, she's kind of a big deal and therefore a natural fit to be our Girl Crush! Get to know her now...
  • Style icons? Kate Moss for her effortlessness, Olivia Palermo for her (somewhat) accessibility, various 1960s style icons (Hepburn, Deneuve) and musicians like David Bowie and Jagger (I love some androgyny!).
  • Design philosophy? Classic is eternal.
  • Favorite book of all time? The Giver and anything by Roald Dahl always come to mind (fond 3rd grade memories).
  • Best advice you ever received? Mind your posture (thanks, Mom).
  • Favorite stores? Shopbop, Zara, Barneys and I love perusing consignment shops, although I don't do it as often as I like. I also like sorting through my old closet at my parents' house (where many fashions came to die) but it's funny how I still grab for certain my mom's extra "storage" closet is fun to raid, too.
  • Dream place to live? I have a burning desire to live in London for a few years.
  • The one product your obsessed with right now? Sugar Lip Treatment. It runs out so fast but it's so good that I can't stop buying it!
  • Biggest indulgence? Delicious food. I'll eat just about anything and I love cooking AND dining out so it's fun to indulge in lengthy meals with family and friends.
  • Girl crush? Poppy Delevigne. She has that effortless cool that I see in Kate Moss.
  • Favorite song? Ooh, I have too many, but longtime favorites are "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys and "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie.
  • Prized possession? A buttery, tawny Chloe bucket bag, my engagement ring, and two thin bracelets I picked up in Bali during my honeymoon (I never take them off).
  • Current hangout? Lately, it's only been work--Trunk Club!
  • Motto? Never be afraid to laugh at yourself (trust me, I do it all the time).
  • Best place on earth? Anywhere in Italy.
  • Favorite drink? Arnold Palmer (..spiked in the summer!)

Isn't she adorbs? Get to know her more by following her blog, See Jane. and by following her on Twitter and Instagram!

Xo J&A

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How We Style It - Breton Stripes

Brigitte Bardot, Pablo Picasso, Kate Moss, Jean Seberg, James Dean, Julia and I all have something amazing in common. "You're all rich, famous, and beautiful!?"- someone in the cheap seats. NOPE! Nice try, though. Our common thread is that we all understand the enduring chic that is a Breton stripe shirt, and we fully work the HAIL out of it!

I am not kidding you when I say that I wear my Yachting Tee from Claridge + King (which you can pick up for yaself at 20% off through Monday, 5/21/12 using the offer code TARTAN) at least twice a week - a Breton stripe is so easy to wear, layer, and dress up or down that it's absurd. It's literally such a cute top that no one thinks to ask if I actually own any other items of clothing to cover my top half. Spoiler alert - I don't!  
"Wearing what concerned friends fear may be her only shirt"
When I was trying to think of reasons people might not wear them, the only thing I could come up with is that horizontal stripes can make people look more...ahem...horizontal in the body region? But I really don't find that to be the case - it's ALL about finding the right proportions of stripes for your bodice! I mean, it's not like I'm telling you to go out and buy a Hamburglar-esque get-up - I think that a nice slim stripe (like the ones pictured in Julia and I's Glamour Shots this week) works on everyone. Check out how Miss J if you're nasty and I style our Breton stripe tops, and also check out my Breton Stripe board on Pinterest - it's where I collect all my Breton intel, babes!  
Lands End 3/4-sleeve Boatneck sailor tee, Herm├ęs scarf (similar), Seven jeans (similar),  
Michael Kors Odin Flats, Ben's watch, Rex & Penny Moon Wave Cuff
 David Yurman 5mm blue topaz bracelet 
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Zara Striped Boatneck Shirt (similar), White Pashmina, J.Crew Pink Cardigan (similar), 
UO Jeans (similar), Gold Sperry Top-Siders, LV Neverfull
Photo Credit: TJC
Photo Credit: TJC

Michael Kors Odin Flats, Grandmother's vintage clutch, Rachel Mulherin Aqua Blue and Gold Bib Necklace 
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
KJL Earrings (similar), Zara Cobalt Linen Jacket (similar), Zara Striped Boatneck Shirt (similar), 
J.Crew and Lilly Pulitzer Bangles, J.Crew Navy Minnies, Steven Nude Pumps (similar), LV Speedy 
Photo Credit: TJC
Photo Credit: TJC
Honey Boo-Boo Children, where did you get your favorite Breton stripe tee? My closet could ALWAYS use another! Because, obviously, you're not going to let me borrow that top.