How We Style It - 4th of July

Y'all, I just love the 4th of July, which I'm sure comes as a massive surprise, since you've seen the massive vintage American flag which adorns my living room seen here and here and I went off earlier this week on how much I love July (my birth month). My husband is from Upper Arlington, Ohio, and I love how everyone our age still makes it a tradition to go home for the 4th.

Now, I obviously love a good hometown 4th (a rager at someone's parents' house, where everyone brings delicious food that their moms obviously made for them, beer pong, and sparklers), but I'm actually a little excited to celebrate the 4th in Newport this year. Let me tell you a little story. Last 4th of July, Ben had to work nights all weekend (he's in his medical residency), and we really hadn't made friends in Newport yet. And the area where we live, Balboa Peninsula, is party city over the weekend of the 4th. And our neighbor with whom we share a garage went out of town and let his late teens-early 20's cousin stay at their place, and said cousin promptly commenced a 5 day binge with 50 of his closest (and most annoying) friends. Let's just say, I was not in a good head space

This year is going to be totally different - for starters, Ben's not working, and oh yeah, we have an awesome group of friends now! Julia and I got in the spirit of the holiday and put together some options for how to style our red, white, and blue! Enjoy and let us know what you're planning on wearing for wherever your festivities may take you!  
Old Navy jean jacket (similar), J Crew Natasha top, J. Crew White jeans, Old Navy sandals
Louis Vuitton clutch (similar), Flag necklace purchased at Put-In-Bay, circa 2006,  
which I actually found here - scroll down to buy 
and make sure you're buying the American Flag necklace, not the Confederate Flag necklace right next to it!:)
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald

Old Navy jean jacket (similar), Target dress (similar), 
Vintage cowboy boots from Swellegant Vintage (similar), Grandmother's vintage bag 
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Kate Spade Nera Coat, J.Crew Silk Blouse (similar), J.Crew Minnie Pants, Flats, 
Coach Purse, J.Crew and Spike the Punch Jewelry
Photo Credit: TJC
Photo Credit: TJC
Target Aviators, J.Crew Dress (similar), J.Crew Bubble Necklace, Sperry Gold Top Siders
AV Max and Spike the Punch Bracelets
Photo Credit: TJC 
Photo Credit: TJC


  1. Such fun 4th ensembles! So glad you have your hubby around to celebrate this year. Some of my most fun 4th memories are those spent in Newport. Have so much fun!

  2. That's the national day so we should just show our respect to it, it's enough. If you want to looks more charming, why don't you adding a Women's leather tote handbags at with you?


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