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Yes, the joke IS on me that my hair isn't as awesome as yours Lauren.
For those of you who are just getting to know me, my shorter hair is a recent development. In December, after years (probably like 10) of having really long hair, I chopped it. Here is the evidence:
When I first got it cut, I was thrilled. After years of having long hair and not really doing ANYTHING with it, I was ready for a change. Not to mention the years of shall we say "treatments" had left my hair mangled and dried out. So it was great to have all the damaged hair cut off and a new sassy shape.

But the thing about the new 'do was that I found myself having to style it everyday, which for a gal like myself (one that isn't really "good at hair"), that became a bit of a challenge. I couldn't pull it back into my old friends the pony tail or sock bun anymore. I tried a few of the styles pictured below but alas, I knew what needed to happen. I needed to grow my hair back out. Maybe not as long as before, but def longer.
Middle part side twist, Curling wand curls, Straight and pulled back side, French twist
So what to do with my mid-length hair in this period of transition? My hair is long enough now that I can rock a bun and pony tail but I'm not quite ready for a braid yet. So what are some more styles that I could try? I'm intrigued by the following options:
Jessica's Bardot-inspired bang+bun combo. via
Gwyneth's tight but messy curls. via
Debra's messy low side bun. via

So I need you all's help! Are there any other hairstyles I should be trying? Let me know in the comments section!

Xo J


  1. So I'm not gonna lie. I've been pining to get my hair cut for such a long time now, but this post reminded me of why I grew it out in the first place! More things to do with it and less time styling. But as for the awkward middle stage, I usually just curled it, brushed it out, and kept my mid-length hair in soft waves. ;)

  2. Love your short hair! Check out Keri Russell's mid-length hairstyles on, so cute!


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