Girl Crush of the Week - February 10

Allison and I are all about girl power. We believe in amazing ladies doing amazing things. So we'd like to take the chance, once a week, to share with you one amazing lady. A girl crush if you will. 

So for our very first in our girl crush series, we'd like to introduce you to a fellow Miami gal and blogger Melissa Herald. Melissa has been heading up the blog CupcakesOMG for about three years now. While the blog was originally focused on, you guessed it, cupcakes, Melissa has now taken it to a whole new level with posts on beauty, fashion and home decor. Her wit and style keep us coming back daily. Here Melissa shares with us some things that will having you crushing on her in no time too:
  • Style icons? As a pre-teen, I was pretty obsessedies with Jane Fonda's costumes and overall look from Barbarella. I mean, big hair, winged liner, and plastic molded boob cups--what's not to love? It's nerd sci-fi meets Lady Gaga. And also, Lady Gaga because she's always setting the trend, never following it. I'm also obsessed with Blair from Atlantic-Pacific and her ingenius way with prints. As for something more realistic, I've always loved Jennifer Aniston and her comfy casual yet totally chic looks.
  • Design philosophy? I'm a huge fan of masculine meets feminine. If you're going to have mirrored furniture, pair it with a graphic rug or curtain. If you want a pink shower curtain in your bathroom, throw in touches of dark teak to balance it out. That said, an extensive Barbie collection is a must in any self-respectable woman's abode.
  • Favorite book of all time? Amy Sedaris' "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence"--it's like if Martha Stewart was addicted to crack and hilarious!!
  • Best advice you ever received? Wear moisturizer with SPF in it. Every day. Seriously.
  • Favorite stores? Zara, Nordstroms, Express, Piperlime, Asos, Sephora, Solestruck 

  • Dream place to live? Maui. My parents took me for my 16th birthday and I haven't gone back since, but I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong with living in literal paradise!!!
  • The one product you're obsessed with right now? I'm basically addicted to my Sephora by O.P.I quick drying nail color drops. They're a steal at $4 and they really do work. Dry to the touch in 1 minute, completely dry in 5.
  • Biggest indulgence? So, I don't own it yet, but I'm planning on shelling out some of my tax refund for an Equipment blouse. They're not cheap at $200+ a pop, but the silk is like nothing else and the styles are so classic and can be work with nearly anything. 
  • Girl crush? I have so many, it's hard to start. I'm constantly looking to other women as icons of style, humor, and life, but lately I'm all about Coco Rocha, Lana Del Rey, Mindy Kaling, Chelsea Handler, and Betty White. And of course, the ladies at Tartan & Sequins!! 
  • Favorite song? SUCH a tough one to nail it down to just one. Probably either "Chewing Gum" by Annie (in which she compares dating boys to the disposability of chewing gum) or "Work It" by Missy Elliott, for no reason other than it's just so good. 
  • Prized possession? Probably my entire cast of pink KitchenAid appliances. I would be nothing without them. 
  • Current hangout? No joke, my apartment. Since moving in and making it ours, my boyfriend Kyle and I are loving being at home. 
  • Motto? "The point is, I look good."
  • Best place on earth? Maui, Hawaii. The end. 
  • Favorite drink? I just had a gin gimlet for the first time recently and it promptly replaced the margarita as my favorite (adult) beverage. Oh, who are we kidding...I STILL love margs!!!


  1. Love your taste and style in your blog posts, you definately have a UK follower here!!

    Esther xx


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