10 Things Every Man Should Own - Classic T-Shirt

Alright gentleman, I see you all survived the first post in our 10 Things Every Man Should Own series, dark denim. Up next is a slightly more sensitive topic- the classic t-shirt. There is an urban myth out there that all t-shirts are created equal but that is simply not the case. I mean, do these two seem equal to you?

 Image 1 & Image 2

So what I am saying is that its time to put away the worn t-shirt of a frog playing a guitar (I'm talking to you boyfriend of mine) and move towards something a little, well, fit for public consumption. I mean, you can keep those worn t-shirts for wearing around the house, but let's class things up a bit for the weekends and date nights. Here are some very comfortable and very classic t-shirts that can be worn in a variety of ways.

Classic T-Shirt


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Marine Layer
Thanks again to Mark Wilson for helping me out with the selections!


  1. A nice feature about classic T-shirts that men should own. Thank you for highlighting it here. How about footwear? Got ideas?


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