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What to wear, what to wear to a black tie affair? The black tie affair I'm referring to is my friend's wedding in West Palm Beach in March. While I have a few formal gowns at the ready, the challenge here lies in the fact that we are heading straight to Europe after the wedding. As a result, the last thing I want to be doing is carrying around a formal gown. I mean, that space in the suitcase is reserved for NEW clothes.

Enter Rent the Runway. I can rent a designer gown at a fraction of the retail cost and just throw it in the mail when I'm done. Can anyone say LIFE SAVER?!

I've picked out a couple dresses for this glam affair from RTR but simply cannot decide which to go with. Here are my options:

Option 1: Halston Heritage Capri Romance Gown

Option 2: Robert Rodriguez Lace Surprise Gown

Option 3: Badgley Mischka Screen Siren Gown

Option 4: Carmen Marc Valvo Lifetime Love Gown

I'd love to hear which one you all like best! If you have a sec, shoot me an email here or leave your choice in the comments section below. Based on your feedback, I'll chose a dress this weekend. Thanks loves!


  1. #3! ooooh you're going to look amaze in any of them honey boo-boo child!!!

  2. #3 if you want to sparkle, #4 as a backup! Either choice you'll look amazing in :)

  3. #3! You will shine!!!

  4. i love all of them.

    but... for a wedding you have to be careful with the sparkles. you don't want to take away from the bride. while #3 is STUNNING i personally would be a little upset if some beautiful girl showed up in that.

    my vote is the classy black or the pale pink.

    all are winner, winner chicken dinners though.

    1. thanks whitney for weighing in. i totally see your point!!

  5. I am 100% in agreement with Whitney. Unspoken (and possibly only) rule for female wedding guests: Don't attempt to upstage the bride. But it's definitely fabulous for another occasion.

  6. I vote for #1, you know I love black but I think your skin would just glow with the pink and I agree about the sparkles being a bit much!! xo


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