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We just bought a new loveseat for our living room and it's forcing us to make a much-needed update. I've been looking all over for inspiration and fabric, and Loom Decor has been a great resource. Loom Decor offers designer-quality custom window treatments and accessories that won't break the bank. They have such a great selection of fabrics and styles to fit with all different decorating tastes. Like how pretty is this beautiful floral print? If only my husband was down with chintz...

These "Current Obsessions" posts are fun to write. I keep an ongoing note on my phone about anything I come across that I love and want to share with you. Once I have what feels like a good amount- like 4-6, I write the post. It's easy and fun and filled with little goodies. Without further ado, here are my current obsessions.

It's springtime and that means time to stock up on maxi dresses. This Auguste Gyspy Maxi Dress is so cool it hurts. I like how it could be worn in 3 out of the 4 seasons with a change in shoes and toppers.

How pretty are these Outdoor Voices leggings? Not only are they pretty, but my friend Kat just ordered them and says they're legit- nice thickness, staying power and good grip (for those of us that need it on the pilates reformer machines). I need to order these powder blue ones STAT.

I love having my house smell yummy and while I love to have a candle burning, that isn't always practical, so diffusers are a great option. In the winter, I always have a diffuser of Spiced Chestnut from Williams Sonoma going. Now that we're past the holidays though, I am loving the Voluspa Baltic Amber diffuser. It's def a darker, rich, more complex smell, but it's so so yummy.

The Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Brush is a Godsend for those looking for a more subtle contour. I know what you're thinking- really Julia, Kat Von D? I know, I normally would not have even considered anything from her brand but Jaclyn Hill recommended it and she's my idol so I went for it. This brush is super easy to work with and blend your contour out without leaving harsh lines.

The Wet Brush is a detangling dream! After loving this brush at my hair salon, my hair stylist got it for me for my birthday. It's amazing with both wet and dry hair and the best part- IT'S CHEAP.

I have been seeing these Triangl bikinis everywhere and I think it's time I get one. They are incredibly affordable (under $100 for the set) and I've heard they fit like a dream. Summer, is that you? I hear you calling...

So those are my current obsessions. Anything else I should be obsessed with at the moment?

Xo J


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