Girl Crush of the Week: Whitney Nichols of Polished and Pink

This week we have another girl crush with incredibly enviable hair. The lady with the fabulous head of hair is none other than Whitney Nichols of the style blog Polished and Pink. I first spotted Whitney, where else but Instagram, where her hair and style stood out as being beyond fabulous. Please join me in getting to know this incredibly on-point lady as today's Girl Crush of the Week!

Style icon? Taylor Swift - I adore her feminine preppy style.

Favorite style trend of the moment? Typically, I like to stick to the classics, but lately I have been loving graphic tees.
Favorite book? This is a difficult one, my most recent favorite book was Born to Run, by Christopher Mcdougall. If you want to get into running or need a motivational boost, this is the book for you!
Favorite perfume? Currently it would be Gucci Guilty.
Interior design philosophy? Neutrals are your friend.

Your go-to shopping destinations? J.Crew Factory and Old Navy.

Must-have beauty product? It's a tie between mascara and blush. My all time favorite mascara is L'Oreal Voluminous and I love Nars blush in Deep Throat and Elf blush in Tickled Pink.
Secret addiction? Secretly, I LOVE hot Cheetos.

Motto/quote to live by? Say yes and you'll figure it out afterwards
Favorite drink? Well I love wine when it come to alcoholic drinks, but my favorite non-alcoholic drink would be green tea.
Favorite meal to prepare? My fiance usually does the cooking, I know I'm one of the lucky few, but when I have to cook I like to make salads or simple fish tacos using tilapia.

Favorite piece of jewelry? Definitely my engagement ring, but as far as costume jewelry goes it would be my Bip and Bop gold bar necklace.
Best way to unwind? Having a glass of wine and taking a lavender bath.

Favorite workout? Hiking and running
Favorite fitness apparel brand/item? I love Target's workout clothes, they are always affordable and stylish


Totally crush-worthy, amirightttt? If you'd like to follow along with Whitney, here are her social media handles:


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