#fiveorless Challenge Week 4 - Find Your Balance

Welcome to week 4 of the #fiveorless challenge! Congrats on making it through three weeks of being more aware of what's in your food (week 1), eliminating as much processed food as possible (week 2) and beginning to cook more nutritious and whole meals (week 3). Now that it's week 4, we want to talk balance.

We know it’s not realistic to eliminate all processed foods completely from your diet. We are social beings! We eat out, we eat on the road, we go to parties at other people’s houses, etc. So the question now becomes, what is the ideal balance for your body? How can you anticipate situations and make smarter decisions with what you are putting into your body?

For me, I am pretty good about sticking to my routine Monday through Thursday when I am in control of my meals. However, once the weekend comes, it can be a real struggle for me to keep with it. With the #fiveorless challenge, I really worked to think about what I would be doing and going to during the weekend and plan it out.

For example, this weekend, I had my husband's birthday dinner on Friday night and then a BBQ on Saturday night. I knew that both were situations where I could fall off the wagon so I planned ahead and was focused. For the dinner, I made sure that there were tons of vegetable and salad options. However, it was a sharing type of restaurant so when the pasta and foccacia bread went around, I had some tastes, but not full portions by any means. For the BBQ on Saturday, I made a salad and some apps for the group.

By putting more time into anticipating and planning ahead, you are able to stay in control. You are able to make smarter decisions with what you are putting into your body and still able to enjoy life. This week, practice planning ahead. Good luck!!

Xo Julia & Kat


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