#fiveorless Challenge - Week 2

I'm not going to lie, the first few days of the #fiveorless challenge were REALLY hard. I found myself having to give up some of my favorite things, like gum, because they had too many ingredients or ingredients that I couldn't pronounce. It was rough, but once I got the swing of things around day 4, I was feeling good. Actually surprisingly good. I felt like I had more energy, less stomach issues, and just all around better.

I was good all weekend until a hangover and dinner party struck on Sunday. I totally get what Kat was saying now about almost having a hangover from eating processed food! I slept terribly last night and had a stomach ache today. The good news is that I am back on the plan and have all of my meals planned out for the rest of the week. I'm looking forward to getting back to how I felt on day 4!

So while week 1 was all about finding out what was really in your food, week 2 is about using that power for good. It's time to purge your pantry! Now that you know what foods you can't eat, I suggest going shopping to replace those foods with unprocessed/healthier options. Here are some switches that I personally made:
  • Replaced shaved or shredded cheeses with organic block cheeses.*
  • Replaced my favorite Quaker mini rice cakes for these organic ones.
  • Replaced overly processed peanut butter with organic, two ingredient peanut butter.
  • Replaced overly processed whole wheat tortillas with corn tortillas.

I also found some new recipes to try that abide by the challenge. Would you all be interested in some of the ones I tried? LMK in the comments section and I can post them!

Xo J and K

PS Don't forget to tag your pics with the hashtag #fiveorless so we can see your progress! @tartanandsequins @fitgirlskitchen

*Now some schools of thought say that cheese is a no-go for challenges like these. I am in the school of thought though that if the cheese is organic and doesn't contain any ingredients that I can't pronounce, then it's okay. I mean it's cheese, let's not get too carried away ;P


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