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A good friend of mine is getting married at the end of this summer and, being the fashionista she is, has two themes in mind for her wedding events. First up, for the rehearsal dinner, the theme is Country Cocktail. Second up, the main event, the wedding, is themed James Bond in the Woods. As you can tell, these themes can be tricky to shop for so I have begun my search.

Today's post will focus on the Country Cocktail theme which, as expected, can mean many different looks. For me, it's actually even less about the dress and more about the styling. Here are my general guidelines:
  • Nothing White: This really should be a no-brainer but because it's "country" and there are a ton of white boho options it bears repeating- do not wear white to the rehearsal dinner unless you are the bride. Some white as part of the pattern is acceptable but it should not be the dominant color. Don't be tacky and steal the bride's thunder.
  • Level of Fancy: The country element is going to knock down the cocktail formalness a bit. Avoid anything black/satin/sequined/lace/etc.
  • Boho vs Polish: More boho dresses should be paired with polished hair and accessories OR more cocktail-y dresses with more free hair and accessories.
Keeping those things in mind, here are some dress and hair options that I think would work for the affair:

Boho Dresses and Polished Hair

ASOSRachel PallyFaithfull, ASOS

Cocktail Dresses with Relaxed Hair
Joie, Finders Keepers, Rory Beca

Headed to a similar affair this summer? Here are even more options:

Xo J


  1. What interesting themes! I cannot wait to see what you decide on for your clothes.

  2. This is so timely! I'm actually going to a wedding in August and the theme is similar - Country Elegant. The bride said "yes" to cowboy boots. What are your thoughts? Maybe a similar vibe to the cocktail dresses you have posted, relaxed hair + boots?! :)

    1. I think your intuition is right with cocktail dress + relaxed hair + boots! You are going to look so cute!

  3. Great pics! I think the undone, relaxed hair is so chic for an evening look!


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