Boyfriend Jean Style

Photo Credit: Lindsey Kessler

My life has been a source of turmoil the past couple of weeks. No, not real turmoil, but rather the kind of turmoil that only someone obsessed with fashion could experience. You know, 'how do I find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans and when I have them, how do I know if they fit?' I know, my life is so complicated.

But seriously, I have had two pairs of boyfriend jeans at home for a couple of weeks now. I'd try them on every night and every morning with multiple looks, trying to decide A) which size worked best and B) did I even look cute in them? After deep thought and analysis (texting at least 7 of my friends selfies asking their opinion) I have come to a conclusion. 

Photo Credit: Lindsey Kessler

Boyfriend jeans are simply not flattering on 99% of the population, models and stick thin broads are the exception. As a normal person, wearing boyfriend jeans means accepting this fact. But fear not, there is hope. I believe that by making all other elements of the outfit fabulous, you can pull them off.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Kessler

Of course, the easy answer is to pair boyfriend jeans with heels. It immediately creates a more balanced and feminine proportion. However, back to the normal person here, what if you want to rock boyfriend jeans in a more casual way, say to work or on the weekend. Can they look good casual? 

JCrew Black Blazer, Splendid Tank Top, Citizens of Humanity Emerson Boyfriend Jeans
Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Bag, Julie Vos Cocktail Ring (similar here and here), 
Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses, Massimo Dutti Loafers (similar here, here and here)
Photo Credit: Lindsey Kessler

This post is my best effort at answering that question. I paired them with fancier, more classic pieces like the black tank and blazer, and added some extra glamour with the sparkly shoes. I finished off the look with my tan cross-body bag and cocktail ring. 

Photo Credit: Lindsey Kessler

Looking to try out the boyfriend jeans look too? Here are some things to pair them with:


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