Met Gala 2013 Looks

Help me understand...

I will admit that I had originally planned an outfit post for today, but after seeing what went on at the Met Gala last night, I simply could not resist weighing in on those ensembles. Now, this blog is a fairly positive place where the only people we make fun of are usually ourselves, but I have to be real here. Some of the looks from the Met Gala were so so good and some were SO SO BAD! Here are my favorites from each category:


While I am not normally an Anne Hathaway fan, I cannot help but love this look.
She embraced the theme and looks flawless.

I admit this isn't really as much punk rock as it is The Fifth Element but I cannot argue with how awesome she looks.

Okay, I get it, this is weird. But it's also pretty cool and she pulls it off like a boss.
All hail the Ice Queen.

Another Ice Queen. Well done Rooney, well done.

The punk rock girlfriend look, I support that. 


Sorry Taylor but this is a snooze. She didn't take it far enough.

What part about the punk theme was confusing to you? 

Sorry Brad, this is a zzzzz.


No but seriously, WHY?!

For someone who claims to be punk, this is so lame. And skanky. There, I said it.

You got invited to a BALL and you wore PAJAMAS?!
I hope Marc and Sofia were turned away at the door.

It's like, I want to like it, but I just can't.

Oh I see Poison Ivy is back in the house.

The frump police called for you Upton and I see you answered the call.

 I have no words. All I can do is shake my head and laugh.


  1. Hilarious post! I completely agree: Kate, Anne & Miranda were my favorites too! Edgy yet still elegant. Love that you were so honest, it was so funny to read along!


  2. Loved Anne! Which is odd because normally I do not like her. My boyfriend works for Topshop so I'm glad all the ladies wearing Topshop looked great--especially Nicole and Julianne Hough.

    Hated Kate Upton. And Kim, really? Why do you do this to yourself? And you cant tell me there wasnt 1 person in her entourage that didnt say "hey, maybe that's not the best choice."

  3. Is it weird that I kind of like Ash Olsen's frock? hahahaha

  4. Nicole Richie all the way. And, I'll take Kate Upton's dress for my knockerless self ;)

  5. This recap makes me so happy. Anne killed it. I may or may not have interrupted my friend while she was still in the shower last night with "I HAVE NEWS. Anne Hathaway is BLONDE."

    Fab recap, entertaining as always.

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  7. haha loved your review. Also not to add more hate on gwenyth, but her hot pink revival was awful. As was heidi klum's bad bridal dress.


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