In The Kitchen: Smoothie Time

Raspberry, mango, cherry and peach smoothie = YUM!!

In my quest to get skinny for my wedding be healthy, I have discovered a delicious breakfast treat - the fruit smoothie. Now, it's not like fruit smoothies are a new invention, I just think they are gaining popularity with trends like juicing and eating clean gaining even more prominence. For those of us who don't have fancy juicers or patience to juice using their $20 blender, these fruit smoothies are the way to go.

I cannot say enough about these fruit smoothies! I have them every morning and they keep me full almost until lunch and I don't feel weighed down by a heavy breakfast. Bonus points, these suckers are good for you! Both low-calorie and very nutrient dense.

Now some people say to avoid fruit because of the sugars they contain, but I find those sugars to be much better than those found in processed foods. You have to do what's right for you. I personally love these smoothies. 

I usually make the them in batches for four servings so that my fiance and I are covered for two days of breakfasts. Since I am making four servings, I start with one serving of greek yogurt (8oz). I like the protein I get from the greek yogurt and the consistency it adds to the smoothie. One could also add some greens like kale or spinach but I'm a purist ;)

From there, I throw in a mix of frozen fruit that I have let defrost on the counter for about an hour. I'm sure fancier blenders can handle frozen fruit but my low-end one works better with defrosted fruit. Frozen fruit is easy to buy in bulk and it's already prepped (cut, skinned, de-pitted, etc). You just have to be careful that there are no added ingredients. Some packages claim "other natural flavors" while others are honest about the addition of sugar. Either way, you don't want that crap in your smoothie!

Like I said, I try different combinations of fruit all of the time. I regularly buy frozen strawberries, peaches, mangoes, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and cherries. For the smoothie photographed for this post, I tried the combo of raspberries, cherries, mangoes and peaches (and greek yogurt). It was so delicious and perhaps the best one I've ever made!

You cannot believe how easy these suckers are to make. Just start with the greek yogurt and defrosted fruit and blend that ish. I sometimes need to add some water to get it smooth, but it's a total crapshoot. Just experiment and enjoy!

Xo J


  1. Smoothies are my favorite–this combo sounds delicious!


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