Big News: Allison's Moving to Columbus!

You'll recognize me when I move into your neighborhood
because I'll be carrying everything I own like a psychotic hobo. 
That's right, y'all. Shine up your Buckeye necklaces and hold onto your winter coats, because on June 19, Ben, Clementine and I are going to be packing up the Winnebago (ok not really, we're taking a plane, but whatever) and moving back to our hometown of Columbus, Ohio for Ben to begin his Neonatology Fellowship at Nationwide Children's Hospital! Clementine and I are both incredibly proud of our main man for getting a spot in such a prestigious program, and we know he'll be an amazing Neonatologist as he spends all of his downtime dealing with two girls (us) who are needier than newborn babies.

Our time in Newport has been an amazing experience that we wouldn't trade for anything in the world, and although we're going to miss bronzing on the beach in January, we're incredibly excited to get back home to our families and friends.

As we edge closer and closer to our move date, I've been thinking about all the things that thrill me about Columbus, and thought I'd share my top 5: 

1. Shopping at the amazeballs Grandview Mercantile to furnish our new place. 
2. Tailgating outside The Shoe on football Saturdays listening to Steely Dan.
3. Regularly stocking up on amazing organic veggies from my parents' house. 
4. Casual weeknight dates at Figlio.
5. Having a reason to buy a truly rad winter coat come October.  

Currently listening to: Ohio - The Black Keys


  1. yes this is really big news so what is for us? visit Grandview Mercantile and furnish your new home. we hope to read your experience soon. xo
    - Vinnie

  2. Congrats on your move and congrats to Ben on his fellowship!

  3. so exciting - congratulations on heading back to Ohio, and to Ben for the great job!

  4. Congratulations on the fellowship and good luck with the move! One of my favorite Columbus stops is Pistacia Vera. :)


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