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I'm just going to come out with it. In saving for my wedding next year and in the wake of Allison being fun-employed, we are, dare we say it, disposable-income-challenged. As much as we would love to get the newest 3.1 Phillip Lim bag or Tory Burch riding boots for fall, its likely not going to happen unless our significant others a benevolent stranger gives them to us. A sad reality. Or is it?

I have been DI-challenged before. At my first job in advertising, I remember that one of my monthly paychecks were less than my rent. It was tough. It sucked that I couldn't afford to go to group dinners for fear of an equal split of the bill. But that's what being young is all about. And you know what, it taught me how to be thrifty. While I relished making more money in recent years, I never forgot how to stretch that dollar, honey boo-boos. 

Knowing that we cannot be the only people who are DI-challenged for one reason or another, Allison and I have decided to do a series on our favorite items under $50. Even if you aren't DI-challenged, we know all you fashionistas love a good deal so we hope everyone enjoys our selects!

Forever 21 Jacket
Julie Collection Key Bracelet

Free People Cropped Denim
Minnie Mortimer Miggs Tee
Rachel Mulherin Pink Agate Beaded Necklace

Hive & Honey Wedge Booties
Gorjana Bracelet
Silk Chiffon Ikat Top


  1. I love the Minnie Mortimer tee and that silk chiffon ikat top at the bottom. Both are definitely fabulous finds!

  2. Finding my ikat top here is a lovely surprise, thank you! I am extremely pleased that you like it!

    It is still available, and there no more of this silk, so there are just three tops: mine (I had to have it!); another one we made for a customer; and this one.

  3. Great post and AWESOME finds! I think most of us can totally relate, so thanks for an honest and refreshing post :) These are all super cute and don't like cheap at all. REALLY love the Julie Collection Key bracelet. :)

  4. That American Eagle floral skirt...who knew??



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