My Skincare Routine

Let me be clear that in the past I have not really been into "beauty" stuff- you know skincare, makeup, hair, etc. That is more of Allison's territory as evidenced here and here. To compound matters, I have always been a lover of the sun and not so much of the sunscreen. I mean everyone looks better with with a tan right?

You know what everyone does not look better with? WRINKLES. These hi-res photos I've been taking for the blog have been shedding some serious light on that unfortunate fact. So its due time for me to take matters into my own hands. I'm using the arsenal above and below to stop time.

Clarisonic Brush and Gentle Hydro Cleanser: The first item I swear by is the Clarisonic brush. Clarisonic gently but effectively removes 2x more of the days yuckiness than just using your hands. I had been recommended this by several facialists before doing some research of my own and deciding to commit. I have been using this brush and cleanser for a couple of years now and can't go without. I use it morning and night and take it with me when I travel. It totally keeps my skin clear without scrubbing it into a red oblivion. Of all the products listed below, this is the one I would take on a deserted island. Well okay maybe not because it has to charge, but if the deserted island had power, it'd be there.

Kate Somerville HydraKate Line Release Face Serum: My mom clued me into this lovely product after being recommended it by a friend. In a moment of despair after seeing some of my first hi-res photos, I asked for it for my birthday. I've been using it for a few weeks now and am actually shocked at how nice my skin looks sans makeup. I mean I'm still not Rosie Huntington-Whiteley but all in due time.

Lancome High Resolution Anti-Wrinkle Cream: I came across this same once I moved into my new apartment. I'd had it for some time hidden in some corner of my medicine cabinet so was excited when it reintroduced itself to me when I moved. I just dab a little but around my eyes after I've applied all my other spackle.

Lancome Absolue Replenishing Cream: This is another sample that reintroduced itself to me once I moved. It's SF15 so I use it in the mornings if I know I am going to be out and about in the sun. I know you are supposed to wear sunscreen everyday but lets face it, I'm simple not there yet. Baby steps.

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense: This bad boy literally saved my life this winter. My skin was dry so dry that I thought I was doomed forever until one day I discovered this little gem. Its wonderfully hydrating but since its very thick I prefer to wear it at night only. I wake up with wonderful skin and am happy to start the day!

In Fiore Pur Face Concentrate: The spa that I go to for facials recommended this for me a couple of years ago and I have been a devout user ever since. My skin is very sensitive but also combination so finding just a simple moisturizer to deal with that was a pain. But this concentrate is light but moisturizing and doesn't irritate my skin. Although I mentioned above that I needed some extra help this winter, I still used it during the day. Love this stuff.

So ya, thats my routine to fight time. Its working pretty well since I cranked it up a notch so I'm hoping I can delay the injections for a few more years ;) What about you all? What do you all use to stay youthful?


  1. Ugh I have the biggest wrinkle in between my eyebrows and I am really considering injections of some sort! I am horrible about my skin routine...maybe I should try a few products before taking the plunge...xoxo Elizabeth

  2. MURAD has a new product... call Time Release retinal concentrate. No need to.change ur regular almost routine. Dab into deep lines on forehead and crows feet...over regular serum ...follow with moisturizer...46% reduction of wrinkle depth in 6 weeks.... great alternative to botox... cause once u start.... difficult to stop. Besides...isn't it better to.make ur skin function optimally ...rather then camouflage the side affects of aging?

  3. Ahhh! My sister's skin care routine involves washing the skin first with water and applying a type of cream which protects it from dirt and pollution. She also goes for a facial once a month to let her skin breathe and relax once in a while.

    Tobi Fistcher

  4. Some people are very lucky to have a skin that rarely gets irritated no matter what they apply on it. Although some have a hard time in taking care of theirs because of their skin is too sensitive. We must know our skin well and we should all pay attention to what kind of products we use and the procedures we undergo.

  5. @Terry: I am one of those people who have a sensitive skin. Before I use any cosmetic product, I make sure that my dermatologist has approved it. I am afraid it would badly affect my skin, so I consult with my skin specialist first. It’s really better to rely on a professional when it comes to this.

  6. Look at all the skin care products you have! Well, using the right skin products can help in keeping your skin healthy. However, some products may harm your skin without you knowing it. Your skin can be sensitive or allergic to a certain kind of chemical that might be mixed in with one of those. You might not see the effects early on, but the changes might be occurring gradually. That is why you also have to make sure you’re using the right kind of products on your skin to avoid any side effects. Or you can opt for other skin procedures that offer no side effects whatsoever.


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