Girl Crush of the Week - Lauren Regole

For our next installment of our crush of the week we just had to share with you the adorable Lauren Regole! Lauren went to Miami University with us and now heads up the oh-so-chic Lauren Goes Shopping. We absolutely love Lauren's style and love even more-so the challenges she tasks herself with. 

Lauren tests her shopping capabilities in a variety of ways with the most recent challenge being her Lenten promise not to shop. As if that wasn't going to be hard enough, Lauren also chose 40 items from her wardrobe and is wearing only those 40 items in different combinations. Talk about a serious test! Here are some of the looks so far:
Isn't she adorable?! Learn even more about her here:
  • Style icons? I adore Blake Lively. She doesn't have a stylist and she always looks pulled together in that unintentional, effortless sort of way. For more buttoned-up, preppy inspiration, I look to Ms. Emma Pillsbury from Glee. Colorful, adorable, wonderful.
  • Design philosophy? Wear what makes you smile. 
  • Favorite book of all time? Harry Potter. The end.
  • Best advice you ever received? To go to Miami of Ohio (thanks Dad). I met my better half, the best girlfriends in the world and the beautiful ladies of Tartan & Sequins!
  • Favorite stores? J.Crew, Shopbop, Gap, Bloomingdale's, Zara.
  • Dream place to live? Wherever my husband is. And good shopping.
  • The one product you're obsessed with right now? John Frieda Go Blonder spray. It's changed my life!
  • Biggest indulgence? Ha, I'm part of a two income household without children. My whole life is indulgent. Other than that, Graeter's double chocolate ice cream.
  • Girl crush? Blake Lively.
  • Favorite song? I really love In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins, Can't Help Falling in Love by UB40 and The Underdog by Spoon. Drums are my thing.
  • Prized possession? My wedding rings, my Lou (LV Speedy) and my sparkly Jimmy Choo's! (pictured above)
  • Current hangout? That would be my couch or my fantastic new workplace- Trunk Club. 
  • Motto? I do what I want.
  • Best place on earth? Napa.
  • Favorite drink? Red wine and champagne (see above :) )


  1. good pick! i love her gold toed shoes in that top picture!!


  2. Oh she's adorable!!! I agree with CupcakesOMG, those gold toe shoes are perfection!! Loving your blog!! xoxo elizabeth

  3. Outside of the Kindergarten teacher blogs I follow, Tartan & Sequins and Lauren Goes Shopping are my two go-to's! Love love love!!!


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