Post Workout Style

Growing up an athlete, I was never concerned about looking cute either while working out, or after my workout. When I think about the high bun + hoodie + leggings combo that I wore like every day of Freshman year of college after swim practice, I CRINGE. Luckily brands like Lululemon and Old Navy have come around since then and now I don't look like a total tool post-workout (how I look when actually struggling to tap it back in spin class is a whole other issue).

I recently picked up this tank and sweater and am in love. The tank is the prettiest shade of mint and has magical powers to make it look like I have a tan when I don't. The sweater well, simply put, it's a dream. It's very versatile, working both post pilates class and to work. I'll have to do another post to show that look but for now, check it out post-workout. 

All photos by Dena Smith.


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  2. I had a friend tell me not to try on Lulu or I would be hooked and boy was she right! I work out and love my yoga sessions and I can't believe how much better I feel while wearing all Lulu! xx


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