Hair Savior

A quick snap of my hair yesterday sporting my new favorite style.

I recently have gotten the most compliments on my hair when it's super dirty and done in under 10 minutes. What's up with that? Well let me tell you.

A couple of years ago, a reader asked me to write a post on quick hairstyles. Many morning workouts and early meetings later, I've come up with the winning solution = dry shampoo + curling wand + hairspray. In under 10 minutes, I've been able to achieve fabulous, full curls that will last you for days. Knowing that I can't be the only one in need of good hair on the quick, here's the super simple guide:

1. Post workout or wake up, quickly brush your hair and turn that curling wand on.

2. Spray dry shampoo liberally along the hairline and part. Also flip hair over and spray liberally to the under layers of your hair.

New favorite dry shampoo.

3. Section off 4-6 sections of hair. Curl from the back forward, alternating forward and back curls, as seen in this tutorial around the 2:42 mark. I usually curl each section for 30-40 seconds each but curling time depends on your curling wand of course.

4. Allow hair to cool. This is usually when I brush my teeth, pack my bag, etc.

5. Finger comb curls loosely. Style hair however you'd like- all down, ponytail, etc. Recently I've been super into the half up twist back with this hairstyle. Keeps me from fussing with it and ruining the curl/making it greasy.

The most amazing of all hairsprays everrrrr.

6. Spray hairspray to the curls, mostly towards the bottom. Be careful not to hit the roots if you are wearing your hair down or you'll look a bit crunchy. For ponytails though, go wild.

7. Grab your keys and go. 

Perhaps a better shot of the hairdo from the front.

Yes ladies, it's that simple. The best part of this style is that you usually can go even one more day with it. For example, if you wear the half up style on day 2, you can usually do a curly pony for day 3. Is that not amazing?

Hope you all find this routine as easy and helpful as I do. Seriously, this has become a new weekly staple after my back-to-back workouts.

Xo J


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