Leopard and Lavender

Ray Ban Aviators, JCrew Blouse, Madewell Skinny Coated Moto JeansSteven Leopard Flats,
Prada Bag,
Banana Republic (similar and on sale!) and Hermes Bracelets

When my leopard flats went kaput around this time last year, I was devasted. Okay, that may be a little dramatic, but for a girl who wears a LOT of black and white, my leopard flats were my saving grace for a pop of pattern and fun. I'd been on the hunt for a replacement pair, even did a post on the matter, but nothing was knocking my socks off. Luckily my perseverance paid off and, after almost a year of searching, these Steven leopard flats came home with me.


Now, just to really go wild, I paired my new leopard flats with this lavender blouse from J.Crew. As I just mentioned, my comfort zone is black and white, but when I saw this blouse, I knew it needed to be mine. The color was just too pretty to pass up! 

All photos by the fabulous Dena Smith of Dena Julia <3


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