My Favorite Self-Tanner

With Summer officially in full swing and the shorts and dresses getting shorter, it's time for a tan. Since I don't live in a place where I can easily acquire said tan, I learned awhile ago about the power of a good self-tanner. Of course, there are a million kinds out there so I def had some smelly nights and orange days before I found the self-tanner for me. 

That self-tanner is St Tropez bronzing mousse for my body and the St Tropez bronzing lotion for my face. Add in the tanning mitt and it's a worry-free tan. You see, the mousse is incredibly lightweight, easy-to-apply and dries in 60 seconds. However, I would say that the end product, the tan, is the best part. These St Tropez products deliver the perfect shade of tan. Many of you actually have been asking about my complexion/make-up routine recently and every comment is made on a photo where I've done a tan the night before. So that's the secret!

Xo J


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