Comfy, Not Dumpy, Dresses

So, for Italy, I am squared away with sneakers and skirt options. It's now time to begin my search for comfy, but not dumpy dresses. I'm looking for versatile dresses that work with sneakers/boots/sandals during the day but can be jazzed up with some heels and jewelry at night. I've been collecting some great options on my Cute Little Dresses Pinterest Board, but here are my favorites:

Ella Moss - $228

Susana Monaco - $114

Free People - $88

One thing you may notice is that most of these dresses are pretty simple. Try as I might, I just have a really hard time with patterns! For some reason, buying a dress or skirt with a pattern just feels like a huge commitment to me. So, instead of buying something I wasn't totally uncomfortable with and then having a panic attack when it didn't match anything I had or hating it two weeks after I bought it, I stayed true to myself. As an alternative, I decided to inject brightness and pattern in my shoe, jacket (for example I recently bought this leopard Velvet jacket and am OBSESSED) and bag collection. It feels much more versatile and much more me that way :)

Pink Stitch - $84

Yumi Kim - $194

Rachel Pally - $141 (on sale)


Susana Monaco - $72

Sen - $149

Any other options I should be looking at?!

Xo J


  1. I feel like we're living parallel lives right now–I'm trying to find dresses for my vacation too! Anthro has some amazing things out right now that I'm loving.

  2. Well this post reminded me that I haven't even begun to think about outfits for my jump across the pond!


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