Academy Awards Style Recap

I just can't. This dress is beyond words.

Did the ladies at the Oscars bring their A-game or WHAT? I feel like the rest of the awards season this year was good, but last night was insane. Like every look was perfection. Here are some of my favorites.

Obviously light colors and sparkles were a big trend this year. How stunning do all of the ladies look?

There were a few dark dresses that also looked amazing. 

And the prettiest of them all…

Just kidding, he's kind of hot. Is it weird that I think that?

Xo J


  1. I loved Lupita and Kate! And no, Jared was the prettiest of them all ;) I can't believe he is 42!

    Haute Child in the City

  2. Lol his hair color is better than some ladies that I've seen!! He rocked it for sure!! Loved all your picks - I'd have to say Charlize Theron was probably my favorite of the night!!

  3. Jared definietly won for best hair of the night and any man that wears Saint Laurent is a front runner in my book! Lupita was perfection and I think Chrissy Teigen was a surprise best dressed as well!


  4. Charlize was definitely the winner of the night! Most stunning and very Hollywood.

  5. Ha, I am totally in agreement on Jared Leto. I don't want to like that long hair, but I just can't help it!


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