Newport Beach Adventures

Allison's hood, it's like whatever.

As you all know, this past weekend TC and I packed our bags and jetted down to Newport Beach to visit Allison and Ben. As you know, it was my birthday on Saturday and Ben's birthday on Sunday so the trip was timed perfectly. We got in late Thursday night and headed to a quick dinner and drinks. Okay, the drinks weren't quick, but you get the idea. Then on Friday, we went for a long walk along the beach with Clementine- who is now BFFs with TC. No seriously, check out the shot below. He totally insisted on walking her.

Totes BFFs. 
Our new T&S HQ, naturally.

On Friday night we headed over to Allison and Ben's for some drinks before heading to The Cannery for dinner. It was there that I had what I now consider to be the best drink ever- chocolate covered bacon soda and whiskey. You read that right. It's amazing. Then we headed to dinner. Great drinks, great food and my sassy leather jacket, what's not to like?

A pitcher of Moscow Mule's? Yes pls.

On Saturday, we started the day out with some doughnuts (Ben's favorite), headed to brunch for some Bacon Bloody Marys for TC and Allison and some bottomless mimosas for moi. Then we headed to the local watering hole, Mutts, for some serious day drinking. I mean, look at the size of these beers. Now, I don't drink beer often but I didn't want to seem like the lame old lady ordering a Chardonnay so I went for it. #partyrock. A good time was had by all.

Brothers in arms - TC and Ben

Oh yes, three of us had the exact same phone case...


  1. Love these photos! And I'm dying to get my hands on copper cups like those!

    The Glossy Life

  2. Oh yes Mutt's. The death of me on a few Sunday Fundays. Great pictures girls!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. Oh yayyyyyyy!!! Love this post! That pink house is the cutest ever!!!!! xo

  4. SO MUCH FUN! And oh how I love moscow mules!!

  5. Moscow Mules are quite possibly the best drinks ever invented!



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