Girl Crush of the Week: Ashley Tarkington of Ash 'N' Fashn

It's our very first 2013 Girl Crush of the Week, and we're so excited to introduce you to the fabulous Ashley Tarkington, an LA entertainment producer by day and blogger by night whose blog Ash 'N' Fashn chronicles her love for fash, styling, and event planning. I initially found Ashley on Instagram (obvi), and fell in love with her glam-meets-cozy-casual SoCal style and casual snaps of her insanely adorable french bulldog. 

Have fun getting to know Ashley, and be sure to check out Ash 'N' Fashn

  • Style icons? I've been obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen since around 2004 when MK went on a little "vacation" and then they moved to NY and put homeless chic on the map. I absolutely love everything about them and lust after their bag and jewelry collection. I refer to myself as the Olsen triplet even though I'm 2 years older, 2 inches taller and there's already an Ashley.
  • Favorite book? Anything pink with cocktails on the cover and titles like "One Brunette and Sixteen Blondes". JK kinda. "The Bell Jar" and "To Kill a Mocking Bird" are my "classic" favs, however my bookshelf is an embarrassing display of chic-lit.
  • What perfume do you wear? It's been Coco Chanel since I was 15, but lately I've been dabbing on Philosophy's Grace when I wanna feel light and airy.
  • Interior Design philosophy? More is more. I have 3 chandeliers in my 950 square ft condo and lavender chairs in my dining room... it's definitely a bachelorette pad.
  • Best "hidden gem" store? LF for clothes and Urban Home for home decor.
  • Must-have beauty product? BB Cream, it's either a miracle cream or we're all being duped.. I choose to believe the magic. There are so many great ones in every price range. My favs are smashbox and l'oreal.
  • Favorite song? "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure
  • Secret addiction? Instagram, wait that's not a secret. Ummm... probably going to open houses for homes I can't afford and then stalking them on trulia.
  • Motto/Quote to live by? If you're thinking about it even a little bit, do it.
  • Favorite drink? My man and I accidentally stumbled upon Fireball whisky last summer, I love it ice cold mixed with diet coke.... and I am NOT a whisky girl. Aside from that it's water, red bull and white wine. 

  • Current arm party guest of honor? Maya'z leather wrapped beaded bracelets bedazzled with the occasional Swarovski crystal take up a permanent residence on my wrist. 

  • Girl, look at that body! What's your workout routine? Anything on the beach and swapping the elevator for the stairs at my office. 
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  1. Love this feature! Ashley has such great style and her outfit posts always have "life" in them, which I love!

    The Glossy Life

  2. I love Ashley and her style! Great feature :)

  3. OK she is so pretty! Love her style! Thanks for the intro!! xo

  4. Loved her interview. She's so pretty and fun! can't wait wait to check out her blog!

  5. Awwww I don't blame you....Ash is really a gorgeous lady!!!!


  6. Love Ashley's blog and this interview is fun!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  7. Love Ash 'N' Fashn so it was really nice to get to learn more about Ashley!! :) I love the Olsen twins too, when I was growing up and watching Full House I'd pretend I was them as Michelle Tanner because my name's Michelle! :)

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable


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