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As you all know by now, I recently got a new job. Have spent quite some time interviewing before I scored this gig, some friends of mine who are also on the hunt for a new job asked if I would write a post on interview style tips.

Now, while I am not technically "a creative," (aka a art director, copywriter, designer, etc) I do work in a creative field (advertising) so this post will focus only on creative industry interviewing. Some of the tips probably translate to other fields but others may not. 

Tip 1: Match the Style
The creative industry, whether it be an ad agency, start-up, design shop, etc, has a very casual dress code. On my Instagram, you all see what a wear every day- it's flats or booties + jeans + t-shirt or sweater or button down. Very simple, very casual and the person you are interviewing with will likely be in a similar uniform. While it's nice to look polished, I think it's more important to not overdo it to the point of the company thinking you might not be a cultural fit. What I'm saying here is that if you show up in a suit, or anything too formal, there is a high likelihood of them thinking you are going to be a square and not fun to work with.

Tip 2: Be Polished
Okay so if you're not wearing a suit to an interview, what are you supposed to wear? My overall feedback here is that you want to look polished. The creative industry is all about image so you want to make sure you are conveying that you've got your sh-t together. For example, dark jeans with no rips, paired with a slick blouse or jacket can look really nice.

Tip 3: Stand Out
For each of my interviews, I chose 1-2 elements in my outfit that would stand out and be memorable. It's not only a great way to show your personal style and creativity but also gives the interviewer something quick to comment on and remember you by. I actually wore my light blue leather jacket to a few interviews, and since the blog is on my resume, I get a lot of comments about it. 

The key here, and this is completely subjective, is choosing elements that stand out but are not polarizing. Of course, what is polarizing to one may be drop-dead fabulous to another but try to use your best judgment. For example, while I rocked my blue jacket a few times, I left these pants at home because not everyone "gets them."

So those are my general style guidelines for interviewing in the creative industry. On top of those tips, it's important to recall the basic interviewing tips:

  • No heavy makeup or perfume
  • Be up-to-date on your grooming- hair, nails, etc
If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to comment to shoot me an email at

Good luck to those of you interviewing!

Xo J


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