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As I mentioned in this post, I started a new job last week. There is tons of excitement that comes with that including getting to pimp out a new desk. My new office is beautifully designed and very cool and hip so I want to make sure my desk lives up to that. I've been trolling Pinterest looking for inspiration and have found some stunning offices. From these images, it seems like I should be using the following shopping list as a guide.

Adorable plant to add some life and whimsy

Yummy smelling candle for relaxation

Minibar for those times when one REALLY needs a drink

Sleek boxes and drawers to hide the inevitable clutter

Flowers, when possible, for a pop of color

Pretty trays, bowls and vases for storing office supplies

Pretty pens and pencils to put on display

So I've already picked up a few of these things, but I still need a few more pieces for the desk to feel complete. My desk has always been so BLAH in the past so I'm excited to finally have a pretty, inspirational space!


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