Monday, March 31, 2014

LalaLeopard Jacket

Lily Aldridge for Velvet Aziya Jacket (sizing note- Velvet runs large so I'm rocking the P size),
Ray Ban Aviators, J.Brand Denim, J.Crew Tank, Dorothy Perkins Booties,
Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren Bracelets

I have had my eye on this Velvet jacket for quite some time, so the second it went on sale at Shopbop, I snatched it up. As you know, I don't do a ton of prints on the reg so I love when one piece can do all the work for me. Not to mention, it's comfortable, flattering and fun. What more could you ask for in a jacket?! Can wait to rock this in Italy and all Spring/Summer long :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Comfy, Not Dumpy, Dresses

So, for Italy, I am squared away with sneakers and skirt options. It's now time to begin my search for comfy, but not dumpy dresses. I'm looking for versatile dresses that work with sneakers/boots/sandals during the day but can be jazzed up with some heels and jewelry at night. I've been collecting some great options on my Cute Little Dresses Pinterest Board, but here are my favorites:

Ella Moss - $228

Susana Monaco - $114

Free People - $88

One thing you may notice is that most of these dresses are pretty simple. Try as I might, I just have a really hard time with patterns! For some reason, buying a dress or skirt with a pattern just feels like a huge commitment to me. So, instead of buying something I wasn't totally uncomfortable with and then having a panic attack when it didn't match anything I had or hating it two weeks after I bought it, I stayed true to myself. As an alternative, I decided to inject brightness and pattern in my shoe, jacket (for example I recently bought this leopard Velvet jacket and am OBSESSED) and bag collection. It feels much more versatile and much more me that way :)

Pink Stitch - $84

Yumi Kim - $194

Rachel Pally - $141 (on sale)


Susana Monaco - $72

Sen - $149

Any other options I should be looking at?!

Xo J

Monday, March 24, 2014

Stylin' Skirts

As you know, I am in full prep mode for my trip to Italy. After hunting down some chic sneakers, my next search is for casual and cute skirts. Skirts, because of their comfort and versatility, are perfect for traveling. I'm planning on rocking them with sneakers and tees during the day and then jazzing them up with tanks and heels at night. Here are some of my favorites:


BB Dakota


Bella Luxx



Tinley Road

Any other options I should be looking into?

Xo J

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chic Sneakers

I almost died when I saw these floral Supergas
For someone who wears, almost exclusively, solid colors, these were just what I needed to punch up my looks. 
I wore them to work last week and they were super comfy too! Heads up- go a half size down.

Thank you all for your fabulous Italy recos. If you have any more, specifically for wine tasting, cooking classes (found a great one in Rome- thanks Eli!) and/or shopping, send them my way!

Speak of shopping, I have obviously begun carefully planning outfits. If you've been following me on Pinterest, you have seen that I'm looking for chic sneakers (for walking), cute, casual skirts (day to night ease) and comfy dresses (to hide the gut I'll acquire from eating pizza every day). Let's begin with the search for chic sneakers.

It all began with a simple requirement- "how can I be comfortable and not look like a hillbilly American?" Luckily sneakers are in style right now in a major way so the market is flooded with them, all types. Trainers, wedges, slip-ons, etc. I already have black trainers, so I began an exhaustive search for other options. Here are some of my favorites:

Oh what do we have here, another pair of Supergas? Love this neon pair.

Okay srsly how cute are these Kate Spade Keds?!

A pink punch of color with these adorable Vans.

These Joie sneakers are so ladylike and pretty.

I love how elegant and non-clunky these Aerin slip-ons are.

How chic are these gold sneakers from Tory Burch?

Love this incredible leopard pair from The Blonde Salad.

Adore this classic black pair from Vince.

I also looked at a bunch of wedge sneaker styles (these, these and these were on my list), but ultimately, I didn't think I could pull those off, so I am sticking with lace-ups and slip-ons. What do you all think? Which is your favorite pair?

Xo J

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Headed to Italy

In December, in the car on our way to a friend's holiday party, my husband turned to me and asked "should we go to Italy next year?" My mind nearly exploded with excitement. I have always wanted to go to Italy and I could not wait to start making plans. After getting the clear from work a few weeks ago, we booked our tickets!! At the end of April, we'll be packing our bags and heading to Florence and Rome!

We have all of the well-known attractions picked out but I'd love to hear from you of any great places to eat, shop and/or drink. I know there are a million options and I'm sure we could walk in almost anywhere and find a gem but I'd like to hear your recos!

Xo J

Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

As I mentioned in this post, 2014 is all about continuing to live a healthy lifestyle and spending more time with friends. As such, my weekends have been filled with fun friend dates and workouts. This past weekend, when the temps were in the 70s, I couldn't help but want to be outside as much as possible! Here is a quick recap of my weekend.

On Friday night, my husband and I tried our hand at homemade potstickers, using this recipe. They were SUPER delish and we had some extra wrappers leftover so ended up making them again Sunday night to have leftovers for the week (the recipe makes a TON).

On Saturday, I started the day with a spin class with a friend and then headed to the courts to play tennis with my husband. Spoiler alert - I am TERRIBLE at tennis but I still had a great time. It's a wonderful outdoor workout. After tennis we feasted on burgers (mine was veggie w/ no bun, naturally) then ran some errands. We rounded out the night with a fabulous date night dinner at Dosa and then grabbed drinks with friends.

On Sunday I went on a long run with a good friend. It was great to catch up while exercising outside. We quickly went home, showered and then headed to the Marin Country Mart for some sunshine, food trucks and beer with my husband and a couple of other friends. The weather was PERFECT and I got to take my new Marine Layer maxi dress for a spin. Ladies, you all need this maxi - it's really flattering and comfy!

Another great weekend on the books! To follow my adventures, follow me on Instagram - @tartanandsequins.

Have a great week!

Xo J

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Graphic Tees

I don't know what has gotten into me, but I am really into graphic tees, or rather tees with annoying sayings on them, these days. It all started with the HELLO THERE sweatshirt and then I got this obnoxious BLAH BLAH BLAH tee and now all I want are more tees with more sayings- annoying and just cute! Here are some of my favorites.
JCrew (on sale!)




Spiritual Gangster


I think the "OH, YOU" one is my favorite! Which one do you all like best?

Xo J

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Precious Pastels

There are so many divine pastel pieces out right now. Of course, that's about as surprising as florals for spring, but I still LOVE IT. Who doesn't adore the prettiness of pastels in the spring? 

Using these photos for inspiration, I have pulled together some of my favorite pastels pieces in my shopping cart right now. Happy shopping :)