Guest Post: Cooper + Walnut's Gender Neutral Dining Room

Hello, Tartan & Sequins! My name is Lauren, I hail from the interior design blog Copper + Walnut and designed this collection of affordable, style-savvy furniture. I am so thrilled and honored that Julia asked me to fill in today while she is off getting hitched! Since J is such a stylish lady I figured I would leave the fashion to her and switch gears to interiors. In the spirit of wedding and marriage I am going to share one of my carbon copy posts that focuses on a gender neutral space. 

When you get married you face the challenge of merging two styles together and decorating a space that suits both people. This dining room from done by Haddon Interiors is simple and sparse yet still has plenty of personality and character. The wood farmhouse table is heavy {and masculine} and the fretwork chairs have a vintage {and feminine} vibe. It's the perfect balanced combination, just like marriage!  

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My design mantra has always been to invest in the important pieces that you use daily and then bargain hunt for the rest. When I talk about "investing" people automatically think I mean price, but really I'm talking about quality. For example, this farmhouse table was hand-made by a craftsman that I found on etsy! It's less expensive than most retail brands and I love the idea of supporting small businesses.  

Thanks again for having me Julia and T&S readers! Hope you enjoyed my take on a gender neutral dining room. 


  1. Obsessed with that light and do I spy C&W Lette Chair (one of my favorites). Congrats Julia and well done Lauren!

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