Girl Crush of the Week: Erica Cook

All hail Erica Cook - stylist, interior designer, blogger, mom on the go, 
all around fabulous lady...she's our everything!
We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our fabulous Girl Crush of the Week - when we found Erica Cook on Instagram, both Julia and I were instantly in love with her fantastic style and amazing attitude. An interior designer, stylist, and blogger, Calgary-based Erica is everything we want to be - she's incredibly stylish, but always looks comfortable in what she's wearing. Her home is absolutely perfect, but you can tell that this single mom of 5 (adorable!) boys has decorated her house to be lived in and enjoyed by her family.

Besides being an interior designer, stylist, and mom extraordinaire, Erica maintains 3 (!!!) crazy-amazing blogs: Moth Design {interior design + fashion for the life well lived}, Luxe Life {life's beautiful little things}, and little moth {big style for little people}.

I am consistently inspired by the joy, gratitude, and sense of calm that comes through in her posts, Instagram shots, decor, and outfits. Bottom line, she is a lady who knows who she is, loves it, and totally inspires me to do the same. I can't encourage you enough to follow her on all 3 blogs and her social media handles listed at the end of the post - my mom and I literally spent over an hour last night going through Moth Design and on every post, saying one of three things: either, "she is so cute!" "her house is amazing! What a good idea!" "or "I love her style!" or, most likely, all three.

Have a wonderful time getting to know our beautiful, amazing, inspirational Girl Crush Erica, and be sure to check her out on her various social media handles, listed at the end of the post! She is truly beautiful inside and out, and we are so grateful that she so graciously allowed us to feature her!  
These photos of Erica and her 5 beautiful boys are beyond - 
they make me want to cry, thy are so sweet! 
Images via Moth Design
Erica and family photographed by Blue Lily
  • Style Icons: I have always been intrigued with Gwen Stefani's total individuality. Jenna Lyons is impressive in the sense that she had the ability to completely rebuild a brand from the bottom up with her vision. That said, I admire historic style mavens like Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel too.
The to-die-for pink section of Erica's super-dreamy closet!
  • Design Philosophy: My approach to interiors and fashion is much the same: invest in good quality staples; keep them simple, and pepper with fun and maybe slightly more frivolous accents. Also, in interior and stylist work, people seem to always appreciate the fact that I don't stamp them with my "brand" but rather help them discover their own signature style.   
Erica's gorge living room - totally loving her detail of birch limbs next to that amazing fireplace!!
Image via Moth Design
  • Fave Book: The Alchemist is a definite fave but I also feel I learned a lot from Tuesdays With Morrie.
  • Best Advice: Is my own to myself, and written in one of the fortune cookies on my bedside table... it goes something like this: "The universe is a mirror, so be that which you want reflected back- love yourself and be the best you can, inspire others and always leave more than you take" It reminds me to do better every day. 
    Obsessed with EVERYTHING in this picture!
  • Favourite Stores: Holt Renfrew Canada, Teatro in Toronto, Gumps in San Francisco, ABC Carpet and Home in NYC. 
  • Dream place to live: I would love to live by the ocean or beach one day. That would be a dream come true.
The beautiful Miss Erica, working that grill! 
  • Current Product Obsession: I am totally loving the Philosophy Miracle Worker line. It lives up to it's name!! In case you guys are interested I got mine at Sephora but couldn't find the kit online!
I mean, is she serious? This crazy-gorgeous photo is the best advertisement for
  • Biggest Indulgence: I love to travel and am trying to make sure I get away more.
Putting my Diptyque candle in a glass jar with coffee beans in 3,2,1!
Image via Moth Design
  • Girl Crush: Rachel Bilson. She is absolutely darling, has great style and seems like she has a kind heart in real life. 
  • Favorite Song: As a huge music fan I could never single out one song. Favorite music would be that of Andy Hull: Right Away Great Captain and Manchester Orchestra, Bat For Lashes, Miike Snow and Angus and Julia Stone... Crystal Castles and Baths. The list could go on. 
Erica and dear friend Tommy Smythe 
Image via Erica Cook
  • Prized Possession: I'd have to say my art collection. I try to only buy originals. I've been lucky to happen upon art that makes me incredibly happy and am grateful that I've been able to invest when I see pieces that resonate with me. 
So incredible.
Image via Moth Design
  • Current Hangout: I've recently redone my outdoor room and seem to be ducking out there every night now. 
  • Mottos: Practice Moderation, and do things right the first time.
  • Best Place on Earth: Where my family is. We've been through some really tough times in the last 5 years and I feel the utmost gratitude daily for my amazing boys. Where ever they are is where I want to be.
  • Favorite Drink: GEROLSTEINER!!!! I am so so so addicted.
Be sure to check out the fabulous Erica on the following social media outlets: 
Moth Design {interior design + fashion for the life well lived}
Luxe Life {life's beautiful little things} 
little moth {big style for little people}


  1. I follow her on Insta, too! #obsessssssed

  2. Ah yes, total girl crush on her. Her living room is to die for. And her skin is well, perfect.

  3. I have met Erica and she has to be the sweetest person out there! Her sense of style is to die for and she lives life to the fullest! Thanks for featuring our Canadian darling!

  4. She is GORGEOUS and her house is to die for. I love that she mentions Tuesdays with Morrie. If you haven't read it... it is a MUST read!!


  5. Wow, I can't wait to check out her blogs! She is adorable! :) And, I have to add, I let out a gasp/laugh when I read her favorite drink answer. We live about 5 minutes from the town of Gerolstein. It's pretty much all we and the local population drink! They call it 'Sprudel' here for short. For some reason, I didn't realize it was so international!


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