Friday, August 30, 2013

Lauren's Looks for Less: For the Home

My husband and I bought and moved into a condo about 4 months ago, and I immediately jumped into flawless decoration mode. I quickly learned how flipping expensive and exhausting it is to make your home look all 'Pottery Barn chic'. I started cruising around for some more wallet-friendly decor options and had a lot of success with H&M, One King's Lane, Ikea and Anthropologie. We still have a long way to go, but check out some of my finds below!

H&M Vases and Candle (here and here - the smaller vase is sold out!)
One Kings Lane Striped Rug (visit the site here) and H&M Home Storage Basket
Ikea Hemnes Dresser with Anthro Mercury Glass Melon Knobs and Ikea Songe Mirror

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Guest Post: Work to Weekend: A White Blouse

WORK // blouse - clubmasters - blazer - earrings - purse - trousers - loafers
WEEKEND // blouse - blazer - sunglasses - bangle - sandals - earrings - skirt - purse
Hello T&S readers! My name is Marche' and I write the blog Robinson Style. I'm so excited to guest post today while Julie is off getting hitched. I work 9-5 as an attorney so my dress code ranges from business casual to business formal. As a fashion lover, I make sure that every piece I buy works for work and for play. I am often drawn to classic pieces because they can be worn so many different ways. For example, a white blouse is a classic that every woman should have in her closet. The J.Crew Blythe blouse is one of my favorites. I own several of them and I often wear them to work under suits or with pencil skirts. But, they work just as well with shorts or mini skirts. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lauren's Looks for Less: The Crop Top

My midriff hasn't seen the light of day in an actual fashion/clothing situation for approximately 10 years, pretty much since my Abercrombie uber-mini skirt and belly button ring days (OY!). Maybe 10 years is the average cycle time of a trend, because here they come again: CROP TOPS. I'm seeing them everywhere and the look I love most is a fitted crop top with a high-waisted skirt, preferably a little bit longer or a maxi.

Shailene Woodley, everyone's favorite ABC Family star, pulls it off beautifully here.

American Apparel has a plethora of crop top options, obviously. I prefer the basic short sleeve version in black:

American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Crop Tee - $30
Leather is also a big trend for fall, and I love this wallet-friendly vegan leather skirt from Piperlime.

Tinley Road Vegan Leather Skirt from Piperlime - $79
Lastly, I like that Shailene kept it simple with a black pump. This pair from Banana Republic has a chunkier, easier-to-walk-in heel with a fun flash of gold.

Banana Republic Pascha Pump - $128
The whole outfit will run you $230, not to mention Banana Republic is always running sales on full-price items (it's 40% off right now for cardholders)! American Apparel also has a 15% deal for new customers that register their email. Happy shopping, loves!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Guest Post: Favorite Summer Looks

Hi Tartan and Sequins readers! I'm Ashley and I write the blog Ash 'n' Fashn. I am so excited to be filling in while Julia gears up for the big day! Can you believe summer is nearly over? I'm in disbelief, but luckily I live in Southern California and will be experiencing summer-like weather well into October. I thought I'd highlight my favorite summer looks, if you're like me and trying to savor every last drop of sun.   

Even if it's a somewhat dressy occasion, when it's hot I like to be comfortable. This asos dress was perfect for a warm night by the beach.

To celebrate my birthday in the beginning of summer, I chose this off white lace dress by Paper Crown. I actually first spotted this dress when shopping for a dress to wear to a friends wedding... but hello? White to a wedding, I just couldn't. Luckily my birthday was soon after so I had the perfect excuse to bust it out.
I wore the above royal blue dress (first photo) to a beach wedding later in the summer. When I first heard the wedding was on the sand I wanted to go for a boho glam maxi but still wanted to be comfortable dancing. I decided to go for this pleated dress that was the best of both worlds when I added some boho accessories.

You might be sick of seeing this skort because it was literally everywhere this summer. I couldn't resist buying it in three colors and love dressing it up or down. It even has Macallan's (my french bulldog) approval.

What's summer without a shorts and tank top look? My boyfriend and I discovered these on one late night date night trip to Target. He's a huge Brookyn JayZ fan so we had to get them.

Stop by my blog for more of my day to day style. Huge thank you and congrats to Julia for having me today!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Guest Post: European Honeymoon Ensembles

Hi! I'm Sarah from Classic Bride blog and I'm so excited to be guesting while Julia's busy getting ready for her big day!! While I'm sure J already has her honeymoon attire planned out perfectly, I thought it would be fun to choose a pretty outfit based on a few killer honeymoon locales! I was lucky enough to spend the last three years living in Europe and traveling every spare minute I had so I'm sharing photos from my own albums and I've included links to the full Honeymoon-Inspired Travel Journal entries {in case you want more info on traveling to that spot!}. Enjoy and bon voyage!

Let's go to Paris first ... because honestly, I just don't think it gets more romantic than Pareee:

Neutrals are key in Paris. I always pack a ton of black and it never disappoints. I love mixing in a dash of leopard or red or something vintage. I'd opt for ballet flats over heels during the day and finish with big sunnies and a red lip.

Want more Paris photos and tips for traveling? Check out my guide here.

Next up? Let's take the ICE train down to the south of France for a tour of the magnificent Cote D'Azur:

This stunning coastline is continuously dotted with gorgeous pastel houses {and those shutters! gah!} so why not pay homage to that beauty with your own outfit? I love the idea of sheer pastel fabrics and lots of colorful/playful bikinis. This outfit feels so St. Tropez to me!

Check out the road trip I took along the Cote d'Azur here.

And perhaps my favorite spot along the Cote d'Azur .... Cassis!

I'm not sure it gets more beautiful than this. I loved it so much on my roadtrip with friends that I brought my husband back the following year. And I think a relaxed yacht club look is perfect for Cassis. 

Read about my time in Cassis here.

Now let's hop on one of those sparkling yachts and take it all the way to Morocco!

If you're wanting something a bit more exotic for your honeymoon, this is it! I'd recommend staying covered up out of respect for the dominant religion {yeah, even in the hot summer months}. A thin cotton caftan or maxi dress with a bright and bold color or design would be comfy and tres chic!

Want to see what I bought at the souks? Check out my travel entry here.

Let's finish up by flying to southern Italy and visiting coastal Tropea:

When my husband and I visited for New Year's, we were able to get by with summer wear during the day so it's pretty warm all year long. Lacy white {or scalloped} shorts are ideal! Nautical stripes would be fun, too!

To see more of that incredible coastline, check out my travels to Tropea here. And read about the bounty of seaglass I came home with, too.

Admittedly, this was a really fun and therapeutic post to write since my husband and I just moved from Europe to San Antonio and I'm suffering from severe wanderlust! So thanks again, Julia! May your own honeymoon be a fabulous adventure!

ps. If you're craving more travel, you can read through all of my European travel entries here. :) Ciao!

All travel photos by Sarah Darcy. 
Outfits: Paris // Cote d'Azur // Cassis // Marrakesh // Tropea

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guest Post: The Search for the Perfect Trench

Hello Tartan & Sequins readers! I’m Meredith from The Social Chair, and I’m thrilled to be here as Julia enjoys all the bliss and happiness of her wedding and honeymoon!

With the beginning of fall soon approaching, I’ve been thinking more and more about what investment and classic pieces I want to add to my wardrobe. One of the most essential pieces of any wardrobe is a trench coat. I wear my black trench coat from Banana Republic so much during the fall and early spring months, but it’s beginning to show some wear and tear after 5 years of repeated use. After some searching, I’ve found a collection of beautiful and timeless trench coats, the hard decision will be deciding which one to buy!

This is what I have, only in black. I love it and may keep an eye out for when they release it in a tan color so it can have a bit more versatility. As I previously mentioned, mine has lasted years and many rain storms!

London Fog is a trusted name for trench coats – they’re known for their durability and for also nailing the classic trench coat style. This color and silhouette is timeless, and I love the special detailing of the quilted material on the shoulders!

A classic, with a twist! The grey side panels on this coat give it a boost of personality, yet it still is a traditional trench coat. This one immediately caught my eye when I was online searching for coats, I love it.

This affordable trench coat from Target comes in five great colors (including a super cute black once with white piping!). I may purchase one of the bolder colors to brighten up a rainy day. You can’t beat this price!

What’s more classic than a Burberry trench? It’s on my bucket list of dream closet items (along with a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes and Louis Vuitton Neverfull).

Which one would you pick? I’m going to start saving some pennies so the Burberry one can one day be mine :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Post: Cooper + Walnut's Gender Neutral Dining Room

Hello, Tartan & Sequins! My name is Lauren, I hail from the interior design blog Copper + Walnut and designed this collection of affordable, style-savvy furniture. I am so thrilled and honored that Julia asked me to fill in today while she is off getting hitched! Since J is such a stylish lady I figured I would leave the fashion to her and switch gears to interiors. In the spirit of wedding and marriage I am going to share one of my carbon copy posts that focuses on a gender neutral space. 

When you get married you face the challenge of merging two styles together and decorating a space that suits both people. This dining room from done by Haddon Interiors is simple and sparse yet still has plenty of personality and character. The wood farmhouse table is heavy {and masculine} and the fretwork chairs have a vintage {and feminine} vibe. It's the perfect balanced combination, just like marriage!  

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 {another}

My design mantra has always been to invest in the important pieces that you use daily and then bargain hunt for the rest. When I talk about "investing" people automatically think I mean price, but really I'm talking about quality. For example, this farmhouse table was hand-made by a craftsman that I found on etsy! It's less expensive than most retail brands and I love the idea of supporting small businesses.  

Thanks again for having me Julia and T&S readers! Hope you enjoyed my take on a gender neutral dining room. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wedding Planning 101: IT'S HERE


It's true! After one year and two months of insane planning (there may have been more than one meltdown), the big day is finally here. 

My mom arrives today to help us with any last minute details and then my dad, future in-laws, and friends all start arriving tomorrow. I cannot wait to see them all! I am really trying to just let go and roll with the punches this week. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy it!

As some of you probably saw on Facebook this weekend, I am so grateful for the wonderful ladies who are helping out while I am gone, especially Lauren who is running the show while I am basking in the glory of a quasi-deserted island somewhere. I have to admit that I've seen everyone's posts and I think you are REALLY going to like their content!

Okay, I am officially out for the next few weeks now! Be sure to follow the wedding excitement on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #juliaandtom

XO Julia

White Jeans

As my good friend Christy once said "I've been searching for white jeans my whole life." As women we can all agree that white pants are tricky; they sort of belong in the same category as bathing suits (shudder). It's all about the cut and the type of denim used, not to mention the type of shape you're in. As such, I knew I was taking a risk when I ordered these JBrand jeans from Shopbop's sale (they are still on sale!). 

As soon as I slipped them on, I knew I'd found the one! The jeans are great because have a fair amount of stretch in them so they're forgiving, but not so much stretch that your cellulite is out there for the world to see. I couldn't wait to rock them. In this look, I paired the jeans with my moto vest and leopard flats. Now, not that I condone white pants after Labor Day, but if I did, this would be one way to bring them into fall :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Obsession: Eberjey

Maritime Stripes

I have found a new-to-me brand that I am totally obsessed with that I wanted to share with you all. I got my first Eberjey piece as a gift from a friend at my bachelorette party and have been hooked ever since. Eberjey is a line of pjs, intimate and swimwear perfect for gals like me who want to be comfortable but not frumpy. The main material is this super fine and comfortable jersey that is super soft. So amazing, I now own several more Eberjey pieces. Here are some of my favorites:

Gisele PJ Set



Gisele Sleep Shirt


Do yourself a favor and at least try one thing from Eberjey on- you'll be hooked too! :) 

Happy shopping xo J

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wedding Planning 101: Honeymoon Dresses

state & lake

I have to admit that I am totally behind the curve in planning my ensembles for my honeymoon. I really have only gotten as far as these rompers and then just dropped off. Well, it's time to change all of that. I've got all the bikinis taken care of (thank you LSpace) so now it's time to plan for some date nights. I am taking major advantage of the end-of-summer sales and am going to/may have already ordered some of the pieces below.


Free People

Looking at this collection, it would appear that I am LOVING Parker right now! What can I say, they just GET me.

Xo J

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Calling All Guest Bloggers

As I am getting married in less than three weeks (OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT) and then heading off to my honeymoon, I need to unplug to really focus on this huge moment in my life. I am planning on taking a few weeks off the blog and am looking for guest bloggers to set in and help me out! The lovely Lauren of Lauren's Looks for Less will be covering the majority of the posts but I am still looking for guest bloggers to cover another six posts (relating to fashion/style, beauty or home decor) between 8/19 and 9/2. If you're interested, shoot me a note at with your idea and we'll chat!