Guest Post: European Honeymoon Ensembles

Hi! I'm Sarah from Classic Bride blog and I'm so excited to be guesting while Julia's busy getting ready for her big day!! While I'm sure J already has her honeymoon attire planned out perfectly, I thought it would be fun to choose a pretty outfit based on a few killer honeymoon locales! I was lucky enough to spend the last three years living in Europe and traveling every spare minute I had so I'm sharing photos from my own albums and I've included links to the full Honeymoon-Inspired Travel Journal entries {in case you want more info on traveling to that spot!}. Enjoy and bon voyage!

Let's go to Paris first ... because honestly, I just don't think it gets more romantic than Pareee:

Neutrals are key in Paris. I always pack a ton of black and it never disappoints. I love mixing in a dash of leopard or red or something vintage. I'd opt for ballet flats over heels during the day and finish with big sunnies and a red lip.

Want more Paris photos and tips for traveling? Check out my guide here.

Next up? Let's take the ICE train down to the south of France for a tour of the magnificent Cote D'Azur:

This stunning coastline is continuously dotted with gorgeous pastel houses {and those shutters! gah!} so why not pay homage to that beauty with your own outfit? I love the idea of sheer pastel fabrics and lots of colorful/playful bikinis. This outfit feels so St. Tropez to me!

Check out the road trip I took along the Cote d'Azur here.

And perhaps my favorite spot along the Cote d'Azur .... Cassis!

I'm not sure it gets more beautiful than this. I loved it so much on my roadtrip with friends that I brought my husband back the following year. And I think a relaxed yacht club look is perfect for Cassis. 

Read about my time in Cassis here.

Now let's hop on one of those sparkling yachts and take it all the way to Morocco!

If you're wanting something a bit more exotic for your honeymoon, this is it! I'd recommend staying covered up out of respect for the dominant religion {yeah, even in the hot summer months}. A thin cotton caftan or maxi dress with a bright and bold color or design would be comfy and tres chic!

Want to see what I bought at the souks? Check out my travel entry here.

Let's finish up by flying to southern Italy and visiting coastal Tropea:

When my husband and I visited for New Year's, we were able to get by with summer wear during the day so it's pretty warm all year long. Lacy white {or scalloped} shorts are ideal! Nautical stripes would be fun, too!

To see more of that incredible coastline, check out my travels to Tropea here. And read about the bounty of seaglass I came home with, too.

Admittedly, this was a really fun and therapeutic post to write since my husband and I just moved from Europe to San Antonio and I'm suffering from severe wanderlust! So thanks again, Julia! May your own honeymoon be a fabulous adventure!

ps. If you're craving more travel, you can read through all of my European travel entries here. :) Ciao!

All travel photos by Sarah Darcy. 
Outfits: Paris // Cote d'Azur // Cassis // Marrakesh // Tropea


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