Monday, July 30, 2012

Product Review: Pür 4-in-1 Mineral Tinted Moisturizer

I would just like to start out this post by saying if you don't belong to Birchbox already, you should join. If you don't know what Birchbox is, it's a monthly shipment of beauty samples tailored to you and your beauty needs. Since you earn points with each shipment and each friend you refer, you can use those points to get a discount on any full-size product they offer. Two words - pure genius.
But why am I telling you all this? Well, my friends, I fell in love with the beauty product I am reviewing today (SPOILER ALERT) when it arrived in my Birchbox a few months ago. After having a bad run-in with Neutrogena tinted moisturizer back in high school (having an orange face was cool right?) I had sworn off all tinted moisturizers. However, when something is basically free and and promises to make you look awesome, well, its worth a try.
No matter how annoying we may find Kim, we can't help but admire her FLAWLESS skin!
I'm so glad I tried the Pür 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer because it is a GODSEND! It does quadruple duty as a primer, moisturizer, sheer foundation and sunscreen. It smoothes and evens out the skin so well and its very lightweight, which I LOVE. I use it in the mornings after I have applied my eye cream. Now, I mix it with my moisturizer just because I need extra hydration and well, I'm still traumatized by the orange face incident of 2000. Maybe eventually I'll work up the courage to just use it by itself, but in the meantime, its working fabulously as-is. I highly recommend everyone pick up a tube to try!

What about you all? Any tinted moisturizers you are using and loving right now? Xo J

Friday, July 27, 2012

Girl Crush of the Week - Lacey Wilson Bates

Lacey Wilson Bates - PR maven, beauty queen, baseball wife on the go, and our Girl Crush of the Week!
We are so excited to introduce you to our Girl Crush of the Week, Lacey Wilson Bates! I met Lacey at Miami, where we were in the same Delta Gamma pledge class, and was always impressed by her style, confidence, and upbeat attitude.

In 2010, Lacey was crowned Miss Massachusetts, which Julia and I find to be unspeakably glam - I mean, just check her out. Beyond!

Last year, Lacey married her husband Aaron, and started on her current adventure as a baseball wife! As someone who has also relocated at the whim of her significant other's career (though nowhere near as much as Lacey has) I love how Lacey embraces each change and move, totally supportive and up for anything. She is definitely an awesome example of how to deal with changes on the fly, especially for a former trying-to-reform control freak and obsessive planner like me! :)

Currently based in Texas, Lacey has her own PR firm, LWBPR, which specializes in fashion, accessories and lifestyle products. It's the perfect career for the gal on the go, and she is adding new, amazing clients all the time! Be sure to follow her social media handles at the end of the post, as well as those of some of Tartan & Sequins favorite brands represented by LWBPR, and enjoy getting to know our wonderful Girl Crush Lacey!
  • Style icon?  Blake Lively for sure!  She always looks so chic and put together and has that Cali girl glow to her.
Beautiful Lacey on her wedding day, with her sister Chelsea!
  • Design style? When it comes to my clothes I'd say I'm pretty classic and simple but I am a total dress and accessories girl!  That's one reason I love working for my designers so much, I am a total believer in simple style with a fun twist. 
  • Favorite book of all time?  I loved the Great Gatsby!  I am so excited for the movie to come out on Christmas Day.  I am currently reading PR Powerhouse Kelly Cutrone's books and I am hooked on those as well!  They are really inspiring and great for the point in my life that I'm at right now, working on building my company and brand.

Adorable engagement photos of Lacey and Aaron
  • Best advice you've ever received? Enjoy the journey!  My life with my husband has been pretty crazy recently.  Just this year we have lived in California, Florida, New York, Tennessee and currently Texas.  We never know where his job will take us next and being a planner that was hard for me at first.  But I've learned to just look at it as a fun adventure and embrace it while I'm young and able to travel with him.  My mom and dad are always telling me to just enjoy it and be grateful for all of these places I'm able to explore.  Throughout all of it my work for my designers keeps me really stable and I am so grateful for that!

  • Favorite stores? My go to store is and will always be Nordstrom. I'm originally a Cali girl and the Nordstrom's there are amazing.  You always know what you're going to get, great customer service and an easy pleasant shopping experience.  One of my favorite things to do is have girls lunch with my mom at Nordstrom's café when I go home.  I also love finding great deals at H & M, Zara, Forever 21 and even Target!
Lacey and her beautiful mama, getting some serious shopping done!
  • Dream place to live? That's a hard one! My husband plays baseball and just this year we have had to live in 5 states!  We are in the process of trying to figure out where to make "Home."  I'd have to say my dream place would be anywhere near my family because I am super close to them.  If I had to narrow down one city I'd have to say Boston.  That's where my husband and I got married and spent our last few years and we have some truly magical memories there and amazing friends.  It's an amazing city!

  • Beauty products you're obsessed with right now? My Chanel Foundation and eyelash curler.  Those are my two beauty products I can't live without.
  • Biggest indulgence? I'm a huge sweets person, I love desserts!  One of my best friends Whitney makes these insane funfetti cake pops that are delicious!  I'm trying to get her to start a business with them because they are that good.  My other secret indulgence is the Bachelorette, it's my secret reality show guilty pleasure. I love Emily Maynard's style so I always look forward to seeing what she's wearing.
  • Girl Crush? 100% Hands down my sister Chelsea!  She is 4 years younger than me but I have always looked up to her style and fashion sense.  She always looks so adorable and style just comes really naturally to her.  I love asking her for advice on clothes and I love seeing how she puts things together.  She's my best friend so we always have fun with it!
  • Favorite song? Oh that's a really hard one!  I like all kind of music and go through total music phases.  My Husband and I spent a lot of time down South this summer so I'm into country currently.   In the baseball off season one of our favorite things to do is go watch live music.  Not gonna lie I love a good techno song every once in a while :)  That's my go to gym music for sure.
  • Prized possessions? My wedding video, a fur shawl and purse from my Nonnie and My Miss Massachusetts USA sash.   Whenever I'm having a rough day I always watch my wedding video because it was truly the best day of my life.  My Nonnie is now in heaven and couldn't be at my wedding so my mom surprised me and had a beautiful shawl and purse made out of one of her old fur coats so I could have a piece of her with me on my wedding day.  I will cherish those pieces forever.  I'd also say my Miss Massachusetts USA sash because it was a dream of mine to compete at Miss USA since I was a little girl.  After competing for 5 years I finally made it to the Miss USA stage so my sash is a symbol to me of never giving up on your dreams!
  • Current hangout? The baseball field haha!  If I'm not working for my designers you can usually find me at the baseball field cheering on my hubby and hanging with my baseball girls!
  • Motto? Always be grateful, kind and enjoy each day!
  • Best place on Earth? Whistler, Canada is one of my favorite vacation spots ever!  My husband and I got married last December and went to Whistler for our honeymoon and Christmas.  We stayed at the Fairmont Chateau and it was one of the most magical places I have ever been.  It felt like I was at the North Pole, sparkling snow, Christmas carolers, hot cocoa and lights everywhere.  They even put Christmas stockings on our door and a real Christmas tree in our room for us to decorate, it was amazing!
Lacey with her new husband and beautiful family on her wedding day! 
Image via Lacey Wilson Bates 
  • Favorite drink? During the day I love Smart Water with lemon!  I always carry around a big one with me everywhere I go and I cut up and squeeze my own lemons in it.  For night, I'm a wine drinker, I could probably live off of wine and cheese :)
Now that you're as obsessed with Miss Lacey as we are, be sure to check out her website and follow her on her social media handles, linked below! 
Public Relations specializing in fashion, accessories and lifestyle products.
 Pinterest // @LaceyBates on Instagram 

We are totally obsessed with the amazing brands LWBPR represents -
check out some of our faves below!! 
Zink Luxury Bags
Website // Facebook // Twitter  

Kristin Hassan Jewelry
 Website // Facebook // Twitter // Blog // Pinterest // Tumblr 

Janessa Leone Hats

April Soderstrom Jewelry
 Website // Facebook // Twitter

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How We Style It - Date Night

Yeah, Betty...get it guuurl! 
via, which is a fabulous recap of the Italy epidode BTW, and includes the sexiest date night in history
The idea for this week's How We Style It came from our friend Renee, who is the mother of two young kids and who is making it a point to keep up date nights with her husband which we LOVE! Renee wanted to know what we wear for evenings out with our honey-boo-boos, and of course we were thrilled to base a HWSI on it!

When it comes to date night looks, I clearly gravitate towards my black coated-denim pants (watch out!), and Julia goes for super cute dresses and skirts. We want to know - what do you guys wear for date night?!

Earlier this week, we also got an email from our friend Noelle suggesting Date Night as a HWSI and we knew that we were onto something ;)! Big thanks to both Renee and Noelle for suggesting Date Night as a HWSI! xx 

. Crew Plaid Bouclé Tweed Jacket, J. Crew Nicky Top, Zara Pants, Marc Jacobs Quinn Bag (similar), Zara Flats, Julie Collection Key Bracelet
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Leopard (similar), Dolce & Gabanna Skirt (similar), 
Boutique 9 Heels (similar), GiGi New York Bag (c/o), Forever 21, Cake for Breakfast
Spike the Punch and Brooklyn Stars Bracelets, OPI "Feelin' Hot Hot Hot" Nail Polish 
Photo Credit: TJC
Photo Credit: TJC

J. Crew Oxford Boy Shirt in Polka Dot, Zara pants, Julie Collection Madeline Cuff
Gigi New York Indigo All-In-One-Bag (c/o), Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Leopard Flats (similar), 
Rex & Penny Moon Wave Cuff, Julie Collection Key Bracelet, Grandmother's scarf 
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
My hair has seen better days, I know :)
Ann Taylor Leather Jacket (similar), Zara Black Lace Dress (similar), Pour La Victoire Heels
 GiGi New York Bag (c/o), RJ Graziano Necklace (similar),
David Yurman Ring (similar) and Bracelet

Photo Credit: TJC
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Photo Credit: TJC

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Planning 101: DIY Bridal Party Invites

Despite how purple the envelopes look, I swear they are a dark navy :)
The first thing out of my mouth to my fiance after I said "yes" was "how do you feel about the colors navy and pink?!" However, that was as far as I got. I literally had no idea where to begin when planning my wedding. Luckily I have great friends in the wedding industry that have been helping me along and since I cannot be the only one lost out there, I'd like to share their knowledge with you all. Welcome to Wedding Planning 101.

For my inaugural post, I'd like to show you the invites I made for my bridal party. I am not really a DIY-er but they say necessity is the mother of invention so here I am. The issue was that I could not find any bridal party invites out there that were going to work. The reason? Well you see, I don't have a maid of honor, I have a best man and since men don't usually send cards asking their buddies to be in their wedding, I knew I'd have to take to the crafting table if I wanted to have matching invites. Luckily I love a challenge :)

While bridal party invites don't officially set the tone for your wedding in the same way as Save The Dates do, I did want mine to serve as a little sneak peek. I've decided that the vibe of my wedding is "southern charm" and my colors are light pink, white, taupe-y, and navy. 

While there were a variety of directions and styles to go with (I mean, I could have lost my mind in Paper Source), I landed on navy cards/envelopes, beautiful rose-printed paper and raffia. I felt these pieces together would really strike that balance between traditional/classic and relaxed. Plus it seemed to be just the right amount of work for my very first craft experiment :)
So after I chose all my materials, the first step was to tackle the envelope liner. This is an easy way to bring a unifying look to your invite with not too much extra work. You can buy envelope liner stencils to help you get the perfect shape.
After you have all your liners traced and cut out, its time to stick them to the envelopes. I purchased this rather handy double-sided tape roller that allowed me to place tape along the three sides of the top of the envelope. This is the only place that you need tape (I know, my mind was blown too). 
You then place the liner in the envelope bottom first and then press it down on the top part that has the tape on it. EASY AS PIE.
After I lined my envelopes, it was time to tackle the actual invites. I liked the look of adding a band across the invite. I had originally planned to do a thick ribbon and then place the raffia over it but since I had some extra of the beautiful printed paper, I decided to go with that.
I measured and cut the printed paper to be 1.75 inches tall. I then wrapped the paper around the invite and used more of the magical double-sided tape to make it a band.
The last touch was adding a raffia bow on top of the printed paper. It was a super easy touch that added that relaxed feel I was going for. Some of the bows were a little unruly but it was nothing a heavy book couldn't fix.
I know some of you may be wondering what I did on the inside of the cards. Since the cards were navy, I bought slightly smaller white cards and mounted them to the right panel of the card. I then wrote heartfelt notes to each member of the bridal party and asked them to be in my wedding party.
So there are my DIY bridal party invites. If I can do it, anyone can :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summertime Salads

This past weekend is was actually warm in San Francisco. Not just like warm but actually HOT. Which was amazing. I packed up my overflowing pile of magazines, doused myself in sunscreen and, Arnold Palmer in hand, headed to lay out.

So here I am, having this amazing day in the sun and I think to myself, what am I going to have for lunch? When its so warm out all I want is something light and refreshing. And while its not regularly warm in SF, I do understand that its warm EVERYWHERE ELSE, so I imagine I'm not alone in this feeling.

Since Allison and I are on a quest to be healthy or whatever, the answer was clear to me- I wanted a light, but filling, delicious salad. I remembered this amazing salad I recently had at Wichcraft and decided to improvise the recipe. The salad came out great and was perfect for a hot summer day! The recipe is as follows.
Lemon Arugula Salad
Makes 1 salad 
  • Arugula
  • Shaved parmesan cheese
  • Capers
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon peel
  • 1 1/2 fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 tablespoon minced shallot
  • 1 teaspoon dijon mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar

1. Wash arugula and place in bowl.
2. Grate lemon into a mixing bowl then slice lemon in half. Use one half of the lemon to juice.
3. Add next four ingredients. Whisk together.
4. Pour the dressing into the arugula and mix together. Add the capers along with salt and pepper to taste.
*Now, I don't eat chicken, but I'd imagine some grilled chicken would be a nice addition :)

Photo courtesy of CupcakesOMG!
I'd also like to share another summer salad that my good friend Melissa over at CupcakesOMG! posted awhile back. As soon as I saw her recipe I KNEW I had to try it! Had I had the necessary ingredients on hand, I would have loved to enjoy her recipe this weekend!

Peach, Prosciutto, and Ricotta Salad
Makes 1 salad
  • 1 ripe peach
  • 3-4 slices of prosciutto
  • Mixed greens
  • Fresh ricotta cheese
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
  • Juice of half an orange
  • Dash of cinnamon
1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. While oven preheats, slice peach into 4 sections.
2. Lay peach sections on a cookie sheet and drizzle with olive oil. Roast for about 10 minutes, or until tender and juicy. Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon and allow them to cool slightly.
3. Combine olive oil, vinegar, and orange juice in a large bowl to make a dressing. Add salad greens and toss to coat.
4. Assemble salad on a large plate, starting with salad greens, then a few dollops of ricotta, the peach sections, and prosciutto. Season to taste with salt and freshly cracked pepper.

So what about you all? Do you have any delicious summer salad recipes you'd like to share? :) 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Girl Crush of the Week: Erica Cook

All hail Erica Cook - stylist, interior designer, blogger, mom on the go, 
all around fabulous lady...she's our everything!
We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our fabulous Girl Crush of the Week - when we found Erica Cook on Instagram, both Julia and I were instantly in love with her fantastic style and amazing attitude. An interior designer, stylist, and blogger, Calgary-based Erica is everything we want to be - she's incredibly stylish, but always looks comfortable in what she's wearing. Her home is absolutely perfect, but you can tell that this single mom of 5 (adorable!) boys has decorated her house to be lived in and enjoyed by her family.

Besides being an interior designer, stylist, and mom extraordinaire, Erica maintains 3 (!!!) crazy-amazing blogs: Moth Design {interior design + fashion for the life well lived}, Luxe Life {life's beautiful little things}, and little moth {big style for little people}.

I am consistently inspired by the joy, gratitude, and sense of calm that comes through in her posts, Instagram shots, decor, and outfits. Bottom line, she is a lady who knows who she is, loves it, and totally inspires me to do the same. I can't encourage you enough to follow her on all 3 blogs and her social media handles listed at the end of the post - my mom and I literally spent over an hour last night going through Moth Design and on every post, saying one of three things: either, "she is so cute!" "her house is amazing! What a good idea!" "or "I love her style!" or, most likely, all three.

Have a wonderful time getting to know our beautiful, amazing, inspirational Girl Crush Erica, and be sure to check her out on her various social media handles, listed at the end of the post! She is truly beautiful inside and out, and we are so grateful that she so graciously allowed us to feature her!  
These photos of Erica and her 5 beautiful boys are beyond - 
they make me want to cry, thy are so sweet! 
Images via Moth Design
Erica and family photographed by Blue Lily
  • Style Icons: I have always been intrigued with Gwen Stefani's total individuality. Jenna Lyons is impressive in the sense that she had the ability to completely rebuild a brand from the bottom up with her vision. That said, I admire historic style mavens like Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel too.
The to-die-for pink section of Erica's super-dreamy closet!
  • Design Philosophy: My approach to interiors and fashion is much the same: invest in good quality staples; keep them simple, and pepper with fun and maybe slightly more frivolous accents. Also, in interior and stylist work, people seem to always appreciate the fact that I don't stamp them with my "brand" but rather help them discover their own signature style.   
Erica's gorge living room - totally loving her detail of birch limbs next to that amazing fireplace!!
Image via Moth Design
  • Fave Book: The Alchemist is a definite fave but I also feel I learned a lot from Tuesdays With Morrie.
  • Best Advice: Is my own to myself, and written in one of the fortune cookies on my bedside table... it goes something like this: "The universe is a mirror, so be that which you want reflected back- love yourself and be the best you can, inspire others and always leave more than you take" It reminds me to do better every day. 
    Obsessed with EVERYTHING in this picture!
  • Favourite Stores: Holt Renfrew Canada, Teatro in Toronto, Gumps in San Francisco, ABC Carpet and Home in NYC. 
  • Dream place to live: I would love to live by the ocean or beach one day. That would be a dream come true.
The beautiful Miss Erica, working that grill! 
  • Current Product Obsession: I am totally loving the Philosophy Miracle Worker line. It lives up to it's name!! In case you guys are interested I got mine at Sephora but couldn't find the kit online!
I mean, is she serious? This crazy-gorgeous photo is the best advertisement for
  • Biggest Indulgence: I love to travel and am trying to make sure I get away more.
Putting my Diptyque candle in a glass jar with coffee beans in 3,2,1!
Image via Moth Design
  • Girl Crush: Rachel Bilson. She is absolutely darling, has great style and seems like she has a kind heart in real life. 
  • Favorite Song: As a huge music fan I could never single out one song. Favorite music would be that of Andy Hull: Right Away Great Captain and Manchester Orchestra, Bat For Lashes, Miike Snow and Angus and Julia Stone... Crystal Castles and Baths. The list could go on. 
Erica and dear friend Tommy Smythe 
Image via Erica Cook
  • Prized Possession: I'd have to say my art collection. I try to only buy originals. I've been lucky to happen upon art that makes me incredibly happy and am grateful that I've been able to invest when I see pieces that resonate with me. 
So incredible.
Image via Moth Design
  • Current Hangout: I've recently redone my outdoor room and seem to be ducking out there every night now. 
  • Mottos: Practice Moderation, and do things right the first time.
  • Best Place on Earth: Where my family is. We've been through some really tough times in the last 5 years and I feel the utmost gratitude daily for my amazing boys. Where ever they are is where I want to be.
  • Favorite Drink: GEROLSTEINER!!!! I am so so so addicted.
Be sure to check out the fabulous Erica on the following social media outlets: 
Moth Design {interior design + fashion for the life well lived}
Luxe Life {life's beautiful little things} 
little moth {big style for little people}

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How We Style It: Not-So-Boring Business Casual

One of my idols, HBIC (aka Editor-in-Chief of Elle Magazine) Robbie Myers. Amazing style.
I will admit that for the past several years, I have worked places where jeans and t-shirts are totally acceptable work attire. Its been AWESOME! But now, at my new job, I find myself having to go down to my clients' office once as week. While the jeans and t-shirts are fine for agency life, they're not exactly appropriate for other industries. 
I mean, how chic is Anne Hathaway's look here.
So for the past few months since I joined my new agency, I've finding myself scouring my closet for business casual looks. I used to work at J.Crew (shocking, I know) and my previous roles did require me to dress business casual, so I have quite the arsenal. But how does one re-imagine and combine those pieces for a look that certainly business casual but certainly not boring? Enter today's How We Style It.

For my first look, I've tried to mix up the old button-down and black pants look by rotating in a chambray button-down and rocking bold accessories. I feel like these unexpected touches still achieve a business causal look but add a new edge and polish.
J.Crew Chambray Shirt, J.Crew Patent Belt (similar), J.Crew Trousers (similar), Warby Parker Preston Glasses
Kate Spade Necklace (similar), Forever 21 Ring, Spike The Punch, Forever 21 and J.Crew Bracelets
Photo Credit: TJC

Photo Credit: TJC
For Allison's first look, she went with trusty office staples - black pants and black cardi - and added just a 'lil bit of pizzaz to them with a patent leather skinny belt, a leopard pashmina, and a statement bag.

J. Crew Jackie Cardigan, Forever 21 Faux Leather Trimmed Button Up, J. Crew Cropped Pixie Pants, Zara FlatsJ. Crew Patent Leather Skinny Belt, Louis Vuitton Petit Noé Bag
David Yurman 5MM Blue Topaz Bracelet 
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald

For my second look, I've tried to take items reserved typically reserved for more casual days and class them up a bit. By pairing a printed tank (what can I say, we clearly love leopard here at T&S!!) and my favorite Minnies with a tweed sweater coat and black heels, the whole look is elevated. Plus the addition of some serious accessories doesn't hurt :)

Zara Sweater Coat (similar), J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tank, J.Crew Minnies, Pour La Victoire Heels,
Dooney & Bourke Bag (similar), Kate Spade Ring, Hermes, Forever 21 and AV Max (similar) Bracelets
Photo Credit: TJC
Photo Credit: TJC
For Allison's second look, she paired her trusty orange J. Crew cashmere sweater with a new pair of leopard capris, and her Clare Vivier La Tropézienne bag with her new obsession, her GiGi New York Indigo All-In-One Bag. Big ups to her mom, Bonni, for taking these two pictures! And for cleaning/rearranging her kitchen while she was asleep :)
J. Crew cashmere long-sleeve teeJ. Crew Leopard Cafe Capris, Clare Vivier La Tropézienne bag, GiGi New York Indigo All-In-One Bag, C. Wonder Tortoise and Hammered Gold Cuff, C. Wonder Tortoise and Gold Watch 
Photo Credit: Bonni Dolder
Photo Credit: Bonni Dolder
What are your not-so-boring business casual go-to's? Leave a comment with the 411, or email us at! xoxo